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You’re busy managing your employee’s travel, and the last thing you need to spend time on is searching for receipts. Let us help—here’s info on where to find reports, how to add to invoices, and how to charge a trip to the company. We’ve got your back.

Finding receipts and reports 

Whether it’s audit season or not, you need an easy way to keep track of employee receipts. To access any receipt, go to your Airbnb for Work dashboard. From there, you can print them or save them as a PDF. Just note you can’t make any additions or edits (like adding a guest’s name) once a receipt has been issued.

Need to generate a report that shows things like the total amount spent? Check out the Reporting tab from your Airbnb for Work dashboard to find all the reports available.

Travel Admins: Finding receipts for business trips
How to access and print receipts for travelers' completed trips.

Airbnb for Work: Generating and exporting an expense report
Where to find reports that show the number of nights travelers have booked, the total amount spent, and more.

Adding info to guest receipts
Find out what to do if you need to make any additions to your receipt.

Locating your VAT invoice
How and where to locate your VAT invoices in your Airbnb account.

Charging to the company

Charging your trip to your company
What to do after you accept an email invitation once you’re logged in.

Airbnb for Work: Setting up central billing
Learn how to use Airbnb for Work so employees can charge their travel to a shared company credit card.

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