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Општи правила и услови за давателите на услуги од трета страна

Additional terms in relation to account information services for Hosts contracting with Airbnb Payments Luxembourg SA

1. Account information services

You may use services that allow access to your Airbnb account’s payment information in accordance with payment service number 8 (account information services) of Annex I of Directive 2015/2366.

Airbnb Payments Luxembourg does not verify whether the account information service provider (AISP) fulfils its own regulatory and licensing obligations, and is therefore not liable in the event of a breach of obligation by the AISP.

Upon the request of an AISP, Airbnb Payments Luxembourg will communicate or make available information relating to you, your account and your payment transactions to the AISP.

Airbnb Payments Luxembourg will complete information requests sent via an AISP without discrimination, unless there are objective or legal reasons for handling it differently.

The provision of account information services by the AISP is not dependent on the existence of a contractual relationship for this purpose between the AISP and Airbnb Payments Luxembourg and the AISP’s access, use and processing of your information on Airbnb’s platform shall be solely governed by your contractual relationship with the AISP.

2. Restrictions

Airbnb Payments Luxembourg can partially or entirely restrict an AISP from accessing your account information if objective and duly substantiated reasons related to actual or suspected unauthorised or fraudulent access to your account by the AISP justify it.

Airbnb Payments Luxembourg will inform you by email about the denial of access and the reasons for doing so. This information will be provided to you as far as possible before but, at the latest, immediately after the restricting of access to the account, unless this would violate legal obligations.

Airbnb Payments Luxembourg will again grant access to the account once the reasons for the restriction to access no longer exist.

3. Limitations of liability and indemnification

The limitations on liability agreed between you and Airbnb Payments Luxembourg also apply where AISPs access your account.

4. Other provisions

All provisions of the Payment Terms of Service (found here) apply to the extent not derogated herein.

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