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Правни услови

Правила и услови на програмата за загарантирана заработка


Program Overview

The Program incentivizes New Hosts who satisfy the Program Requirements with an Incentive Payment in an amount equal to the Guaranteed Amount minus Actual Revenue earned during the Incentive Period. If Actual Revenue exceeds the Guaranteed Amount then no Incentive Payment will be made. The Guaranteed Amount for each listing type is set forth in the Campaign Details section (see above). Each of the capitalized terms in this paragraph is defined below.

Defined Terms

“Actual Revenue” means the amount actually received by the New Host for bookings of the New Listing during the Incentive Period, which amount includes the nightly rate, any cleaning fees, and additional guest fees, but excludes any applicable taxes collected by Airbnb (e.g. VAT/GST/JCT and occupancy taxes) and Airbnb’s fees.

“Campaign” means an offer of an Incentive Payment for qualifying New Hosts that is specific to a Location and available for a limited period. New Hosts who participate in the Program will receive a communication from Airbnb confirming the Campaign details and will also be able to review Campaign details by following the links to Program Terms in their Program materials.

“Guaranteed Amount” means the amount guaranteed for each type of New Listing, as specified for the Campaign in which a New Host is participating.

“Incentive Payment” means an amount equal to (a) the Guaranteed Amount, minus (b) the Actual Revenue (provided it is a positive amount).

“Incentive Period” means the period beginning on (a) the date the New Listing is published on Airbnb, and (b) ending after the period of days specified for the Campaign.

“Location” means the geographic area covered by a Campaign. A New Listing must be located within the specified Location for it to qualify for a Campaign.

“Minimum Bookings” means the minimum number, as specified in the Campaign, of bona fide bookings of the New Listing that the New Host must complete during the Incentive Period to qualify for the Incentive Payment. To qualify for the Program, bookings must be made at no less than the Minimum Nightly Rate specified by the Campaign, may not be cancelled before completion, and Airbnb reserves the right to exclude any booking it believes is not made at arm’s length—e.g. is fraudulent, has guests who live at the address of the New Listing, etc.

“Minimum Nightly Rate” means the minimum nightly rate for a New Listing to qualify for the Program as specified in the Campaign (excluding cleaning fees, additional guest fees and other costs and taxes). The Minimum Nightly Rate is used to ensure bookings are made in good faith (and to prevent fraud).

“New Host” means an individual (not a business or other organization) that has not previously published a listing for accommodations on Airbnb.

“New Listing” means a listing for accommodations on Airbnb that has all of the following characteristics: (a) it is a space or property has not previously been published on Airbnb by the New Host or anyone else, (b) it is located in the Location specified in the Campaign, and (c) its Minimum Nightly Rate is no less than the amount specified in the Campaign.

“Publication Deadline” means the date by which a New Listing must be published as specified by the Campaign.

“Program Requirements” means all of the following requirements: (a) if you are not yet an Airbnb user, during a single session, while your browser is enabled to accept cookies, (i) clicking on the call-to-action in the Program advertisement, (ii) signing-up for Airbnb, and (iii) providing an address for the New Listing; (b) if you are an existing Airbnb user, during a single session, while your browser is enabled to accept cookies, (i) clicking on the call-to-action in the Program advertisement, and (ii) providing an address for the New Listing; (c) qualifying as a New Host; (d) creating a New Listing; (e) publishing the New Listing on Airbnb by the Publication Deadline; (f) maintaining the same address and type of space for the New Listing during the entire Incentive Period; and (g) completing at least the Minimum Bookings during the Incentive Period. Any person currently participating in any other Airbnb offer or promotion for new hosts or listings is disqualified from the Program.

Eligibility Notification

Once you have qualified as a New Host, created a New Listing, and published the New Listing by the Publication Deadline, Airbnb will send you a confirmation that sets out the remaining Program Requirements you must satisfy to receive the Incentive Payment. If you do not receive this confirmation, you have not satisfied one or more of the Program Requirements and have not been enrolled in the Program. If you initially qualify for the Program, but do not meet one or more requirements, Airbnb will promptly notify you that you are no longer participating in the Program.

Payment Details and Examples

If you satisfy all the Program Requirements, Airbnb will promptly pay (generally within 30 days) the Incentive Payment using the default payout method designated by you on your Airbnb account. The Airbnb Terms apply as to any taxes applicable to the Incentive Payment.

The amount of the Incentive Payment will be calculated by subtracting the Actual Revenue from the Guaranteed Amount. For example:

  • If a New Host earns $2,500 in Actual Revenue from 10 bookings of the New Listing during the Incentive Period, where the Guaranteed Amount is $3,000, Airbnb would make an Incentive Payment of $500.
  • If a New Host earns $4,000 in Actual Revenue from 13 bookings of the New Listing during the Incentive Period, where the Guaranteed Amount is $3,000, Airbnb would not make an Incentive Payment because Actual Revenue exceeded the Guaranteed Amount.

Program Administration; Term and Termination

This Program is offered for a limited time only and Airbnb may modify, discontinue or suspend this Program or change these Program Terms (including the Program Requirements) at any time for any reason. After the Program terminates or expires, you will remain an Airbnb account holder and will have the ability to continue to use the Airbnb Services (as described further in the Airbnb Terms). Airbnb will determine, in its sole discretion, whether the Program Requirements have been satisfied and whether any Incentive Payment is due (including the Incentive Payment amount).

Airbnb may terminate the Program at any time at its sole discretion. If Airbnb terminates the Program, we will post a message on this page that the Program is no longer active. Even if Airbnb terminates the Program, you will still be eligible to receive the Incentive Payment if you published your New Listing before the termination date and satisfy all the other Program Requirements as reflected in the Campaign offer you previously accepted.

Independent Relationship; Responsibility for Listing

You acknowledge and agree that you are an independent individual and not an employee, intermediary or agent of Airbnb, and that you will not hold yourself out as, or give any person reason to believe, that you are an employee, intermediary or agent of Airbnb. Accordingly, you have not at any time been and are not entitled to, and hereby irrevocably waive any right or claim to, the benefits provided by Airbnb to its employees from time to time. You acknowledge that you, and not Airbnb, are responsible for: (i) any listing created, activated or offered by you on the Airbnb platform; (ii) any content posted in any listing; and (iii) any bookings resulting therefrom. For the avoidance of doubt, Airbnb will not review and/or provide any editorial input in relation to any listing created by you or the content in any such listing.


If certain of these Program Terms are found to be invalid it will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions, which will continue to apply. Any provision which is found to be invalid will be replaced with a provision that comes as close as possible to the purpose of the invalid provision. Airbnb reserves the right to any remedy, including disqualifying you from participation in this Program or deactivation of your listing(s), bookings or account if it suspects or determines, in its sole discretion, that you have committed fraud, tampering, or violated the Program Terms or Airbnb Terms.

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