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    Дали вашето сместување кое е огласено на Airbnb е подготвено за гости?

    Оваа листа на барања за потсетници може да ви помогне да го подготвите вашиот простор.
    Од Airbnb на 19 јул. 2022 г.
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    Одлично гостопримство значи да им обезбедите на гостите чист, уреден и добро одржуван простор. Без разлика дали угостувате лица за краткорочни или подолги престои, дали се грижите за тековни или сезонски задачи, дали работите сами или ангажирате професионалци, може да ја искористите оваа листа на барања за да го подготвите вашето место за гости и да го одржувате во одлична состојба.

    For all stays

    All rooms:

    • All required cleaning is done
    • Lock box or door code is changed
    • Safety items are present and working or full, including:
      • Smoke alarm
      • Carbon monoxide alarm
      • Fire extinguisher
      • First-aid kit
    • Furnishings are checked for damage—and repaired or replaced
    • Laundry machines are clean, and lint traps emptied
    • All batteries are recharged (and extras made available)
    • Host’s personal belongings are out of sight


    • All beds have at least 1 pillow per guest
    • Extra linens are available for all beds
    • Guests have a place to put luggage, clothes, or other items


    • Shower shelves and caddies are free of soap scum or rust
    • All towels, including spares, have been laundered
    • Other bathroom items are available for guest use, including:
      • Toilet paper
      • Soap
      • Shampoo
      • Conditioner
      • Hair dryer


    • All items are clean and available for guest use, including:
      • Cookware and utensils
      • Plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, and flatware
      • Salt, pepper, and cooking oil
      • Coffee/tea and coffee maker or tea kettle
      • Dish towels, cloths or sponges, and soap
    • Any food or beverages left by the previous guest are removed

    Home office:

    • Wifi connection is working, with password and reset instructions by router
    • Computer monitor, printer, and cords are present and functioning
    • TV remotes and other controls are easy to find
    • All devices are logged out of personal accounts (Host or previous guest)
    • Clocks are set to the accurate local time

    Outdoor areas:

    • Porch and other lighting illuminates pathways
    • Patio furniture is free of rust, dirt, and cobwebs
    • Grill is clean and stocked with gas or charcoal
    • Pool or jacuzzi is ready to use
    • Seasonal gear is clean and easy to access, including:
      • Doormats at entrances
      • Snow shovel
      • Umbrella stand

    For longer stays and routine maintenance

    • Cleaning supplies are available, plus a mop, broom, and dustpan
    • Household systems are running efficiently, including:
      • Smart lock (fully charged, with hide-a-key backup)
      • Heating and cooling, thermostat, and air filters
      • Cable TV, internet, and wifi
      • Plumbing (all drains and toilets)
      • Alarms and security devices
      • Pool or jacuzzi filter and heater
      • Garden sprinklers and timers
    • All appliances are clean and functioning, with no missing or damaged parts, including:
      • Oven, stovetop, and range hood and filter
      • Microwave
      • Dishwasher
      • Refrigerator, freezer, and ice trays
      • Washer and dryer
      • Water heater
      • Fireplace, with poker and spade
      • Ceiling and bathroom fans
      • Garage door opener
    • Service schedules are up to date, as well as any info about optional services you offer or recommend in your guidebook, including:
      • Garbage and recycling collection
      • Street cleaning
      • Gardeners
      • Mail (paused if you don’t live on-site)
      • Fridge restocking
      • Office supply restocking, such as printer ink and paper
      • Laundry services and dry cleaning
      • Babysitting
      • Pet-sitting
    19 јул. 2022 г.
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