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Bacaro tour with a Venetian- small, max six, intimate group
Welcome to the Original Bacaro Tour, an intimate evening with a maximum of 6 guests, so it truly feels like spending time with friends! Starting as a simple idea to help visitors get an insight into Venetian life, it has become an essential part of a stay in Venice, as told to me by customers and new friends! Check out in$tagram-pictures speak a 1000 words, or so they say in$tagram/bacarotour A bacaro tour is a traditional and popular way to visit bars and restaurants around the city, by grabbing a glass of wine and some food before moving on to the next place. Why choose this tour? I know every single part of my city, a Venetian born and I am very passionate about giving an authentic experience! Different to the other large company tours you see around, it is only ran by me and we will be in very small group of max 6 people. What will we do? I will take you to 4 typical and classic bacari and osteria of Venice - away from tourist hot spots - that have been around for many years and truly care about the food and drinks they provide. During the evening, you will try 4, specially selected Venetian snacks (cicheti) and 4 fresh glasses of wine (red or white, you can choose!) and get to know about Venice, Italy and your fellow travellers! You will leave the tour with plenty of info on how to move, eat and drink like a local, for the rest of your trip and beyond!
Yummy Cooking lesson with expert chef
getting hands-on experience with my special tips, you will sip prosecco, a local sparkling wine, and nibble on a cicheti, traditional Venetian finger foods! The recipes that we will prepare include fresh handmade pastas, prepared in a traditional Italian method with locally sourced ingredients (with seasonal vegetables, meat or both!), delicate Italian cookies and a decadent Venetian creamy dessert. When the dishes are ready, we will end our lesson in an enjoyable way at the table with regional Italian wines paired to the menu. The hands-on lesson and three-course meal also include Italian coffee, and a printed copy of the recipes in English, for you to recreate the dishes at home for your friends! You will learn how to prepare traditional Venetian dishes using ingredients come from the traditional city markets or from the islands of the Venetian lagoon! A three-course traditional Italian meal in the heart of one of the most traditional Venetian districts! Other things to note In case of dietary restrictions due to allergies, food intolerances or religious preferences, please communicate them in advance, and the chef will see if the lesson is suitable for you.
A sparkling day in the Prosecco Hills
Together we will discover the Prosecco Hills... beautiful places of my childhood, where I used to run freely around the vineyards! In the morning, with me and my husband, we will visit a winery located in an area with a beautiful scenery, where we will learn all the secrets of Prosecco wine making and taste some glasses of this famous sparkling wine! We will then visit a local Osteria lost in the middle of the hills, and will have an aperitivo in front of the vineyards, while listening to the delightful singing of the birds! We will meet my family, while enjoying a typical lunch in our family owned osteria, where traditional dishes are prepared using our grandma's recipes, and where the typical "spiedo" meat cooks slowly near the fire! All desserts are home made by my brother and are really a sweet end of a delicious 4 courses meal! We will visit a second winery, where we will meet friends that run a very high quality DOCG Prosecco winery and produce wines using ancient types of vines and lots of passion! Finally, in summer time only (Apr to Oct), there could be the possibility of enjoying a unique picnic experience in a stunning area in the middle of the vineyards.
Legends, Ghosts and Ghouls of Venice
The now tranquil streets of Venice where not always so. Have you ever walked down a street alone and felt eyes watching you? Maybe a shadowy figure moving in the distance? Join me as we visit the locations of those local spirits that you've felt and seen in the dark foggy nights. Learn the story behind each one and if they are friend or foe! Shatter your illusions of knights in shining armor that save the day, learn how enemies of the state were dealt with and how desire for power leads even the most noble down dark and twisted paths. Other things to note Please note that Venetian folk lore like many is from a time far before ours. To tell the stories at full effect how they are told among locals, details are very graphic. This tour includes “curse words” and I do not sugar coat the realities of our past world. Please bare this in mind when booking if you are accompanied by children. Please also understand this tour cannot be PG rated if accompanied by children in a public group I heavily advise that you book privately when bringing anyone who might need the graphic details to be removed. This experience is designed to stir your curiosity for the dark side of our collective story.
Workshop Vetro di Murano
I workshops consistono in due ore di lavoro e divertimento divisi in due parti. La prima prevede l'uso di una piastra trasparente in vetro dove gli ospiti realizzeranno una figura con pezzi di vetro di Murano, chiamati graniglia, che verrà poi cucinato in forno. Il vetro si fonderà e la figura realizzata rimarrà all'ospite. La seconda parte, consiste in una fase dimostrativa da parte del Maestro e successivamente una prova pratica degli ospiti della lavorazione del vetro di Murano. Gli ospiti lavoreranno il vetro con la fiamma e proveranno la piacevole sensazione dell'antica lavorazione a lume. I workshop sono ideali anche per famiglie con bambini sopra ai 6 anni, che adoreranno la magia del vetro. Altre cose da tenere a mente I lavori terminati nella prima parte del workshop, verranno cotti nel forno per circa 6 ore e consegnati il giorno stesso o successivo in accordo con i clienti, mentre per la lavorazione a lume le creazioni potranno essere ritirate il giorno stesso, dopo circa 2 ore dal termine. Durata Workshop: 2 ore.

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Insta-Venice, Iconic photoshoot while exploring the city
Ready to completely fall in Love with Venice? This is The MOST BOOKED EXPERIENCE (photo/tour) in town! Ideal for Travellers, Couples, Proposals, Families.. so fun for kids too! • First time doing a photoshoot? Easy, The result is GUARANTEED! • PLAN: 1 - Lets have an ICONIC Album of your vacation while I show you magical spots of Venice, AVOIDING TOURISTS (I promise). No people will appear on the background of your photos! They are edited and fastly delivered I'll send you 40+ photos: They'll look like PAINTINGS! Everlasting memories 2 - It’s a fun TOUR too. In venice it's easy to get LOST, between a photo and another I'm gonna show you the city with a non-boring perspective while walking SAFELY with a local. I'm born and raised Venetian and I have a Bachelor and a Master in History and Philosophy at University; The city has no secrets for me! Make the most out of your time in Venice, EXPLORE and HAVE LOT of FUN! 3 - GONDOLA? Don’t worry, I ORGANIZE IT FOR YOU! We can ride around magical and romantic parts of Venice: Taste the TRUE side of the city without tourists! It's NOT a shared gondola Gondola is NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE, you'll need to pay our gondolier that very day. Ask me for this service: If you'll choose it, our photo-tour will last more 4 - Bottle of QUALITY Italian WINE can be added to your gondola ride! Why not cheering while you're in Venice?
Glassblowing beginners class in Murano
THIS EXPERIENCE WILL BE HELD IN ENGLISH! First, let me say that this is not for everyone! Glassblowing is an extremely physical craft, so if you are afraid of extreme heat or intense activity then i suggest you to consider the other listings we are offering. There's no other Experience on Airbnb like this one in Venice. Guaranteed! Step 1 - INTRO TO GLASSBLOWING A small 30 minutes lecture and tour in our factory. Step 2 - PRACTICAL EXCERCISES WITH NO GLASS Hands on exercises to develop glassblowing’s basic movements and hand eye coordination (15-45 minutes depending on number of people and on how fast you'll learn) Step 3 - PRACTICAL EXCERCISES WITH HOT GLASS hands on exercises with hot glass to develop a good feeling with the moving 1100°C molten glass (15-45 minutes depending on number of people and on how fast you'll learn) Step 4 - BLOW YOUR OWN MURANO GLASS ARTIFACT You will have time to either make a drinking cup/ornament or a small custom glass vase (time will depend on what you will decide to make and number of people) The piece will have to anneal overnight so you can pick it up the next day (around at 16.00, but NOT on Saturdays and Sundays cause we are off!). We can also ship it worldwide but at your own expense. OTHER THINGS TO NOTE - Its not gonna be easy! You must commit 100% and concentrate deeply. After you will be tired mentally and physically!
I canali nascosti di Venezia
Partiremo dalla Chiesa di San Lazzaro dei Mendicanti nel lato nord della città e costeggiando l'Arsenale di Venezia andremo a visitare il sestiere di Castello, una delle parti più antiche della città. Faremo una piccola sosta davanti la chiesa di San Pietro di Castello per un aperitivo e poi si prosegue fino alla parte sud della città dove avremmo una vista panoramica del Lido di Venezia dlle piccole isole della laguna sud e di San Giorgio. Rientreremo poi nei canali di Castello fino a tornare nel punto di incontro. IMPORTANTE: L'escursione in barca si svolge come attività sportiva dell'associazione s.d. Venice Sports Center, pertanto è necessario inviare copia dei documenti di identità di tutti i partecipanti così da poter preparare le tessere associative e inserire i partecipanti nell'assicurazione.
Jewish Ghetto tour, Venice with a local
An unusual stroll to discover all the secrets of the first Jewish Ghetto of the world. Avoid the tourist trail and explore an authentic, lesser known but incredible well preserved area of Venice enjoying the secret corners of the city on the water. Discover with me this very old section of Venice and learn why the Serenissima Republic forced the Jewish community to live under strict rules and how they lived for centuries. Did you know that the word "ghetto" is coming from a local venetian word? I will help you to recognize the hidden synagogues (outside) and I will give you insights into the tragedy of the Nazi deportation and how the Holocaust left a deep mark on my beloved city. Let's stop in front of the oldest pawn shop in Venice, I will explain you why it is not to be missed. And then ? We will explore together the sestier of Cannaregio, with its beautiful streets and the venetian "skyscrapers", we will cross beautiful bridges draped in the local's laundry, Italian style. We will end this unique experience by enjoying a glass of wine from my favorite bacaro in Venice or the best gelato in town or the unmissible cannaregio coffee according to the time and season. I'll show you all of the highlights, symbols and secrets along the way! So let's get to know Cannaregio a neighborhood not only rich in history and religious heritage but beautiful and relaxing!
Private class with glass local artist
A private class with me (expert craftsman & artist) who will teach you how to create your unique glass artwork, following the old Murano techniques. The aim is transmitting my passion and love for this magnificent art. I will help you, step by step, during the whole experience to make you create your personal and inimitable glass masterpiece that, at the end, you will bring it at home as a special gift. An hour and 15 minutes -class where you will learn secrets and techniques of the glass made by lamp. An unforgettable experience to live Venice as a true venetian. *NOTE: You must present one of the following: proof of full vaccination, proof of first vaccination administered at least 22 days ago, proof of a Covid-19 infection in the past 6 months, a negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before the activity starts, or a negative rapid test taken no more than 48 hours before the activity starts*

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Tasty Venice Street Food Tour
During the 2.5 hours experience you will taste best street food Venice has to offer while you stroll around the hidden gems that only a local could know. Feel the atmosphere of the hustle and bustle Rialto Market, which has been whetting appetites for seven centuries. Be rewarded while you taste local specialties and admire colorful seasonal products. Enjoy all the amazing monuments and district in the city together with me! Do not miss the chance to admire some of the main sights of the city, such as Campo San Polo, Basilica dei Frari, Campo San Bartolomeo and more. Sink your teeth on the finest cheese made by locals, traditional pastries, and the famous Venetian tapas, known as cicchetti, snacks or side dishes, typically served in traditional "bàcari" (venetian bars) loved by locals when they think about relaxing or having a “happy hour” after work with friends. Prepare to feast and be regaled by wonders of art, history and food! Please note: I CAN accomodate vegetarians. Please advise at the time of booking if you require vegetarian options. This experience cannot accomodate vegan, gluten or dairy-free diets. Drinks are not included. The food is included in the price, as well the local guide. It's a small group tour up to 12 people. Please note that in the afternoon the fish market is closed as well as festive days.
Hidden Venice small group exclusive tour
Let yourself be captured by the majesty and beauty of the city of Venice, by its history and legends of the past in a 2 hour walking tour with an expert local guide .You will Meet me or one of my Amazing and professional collegues , in Campo San Pantalon at 10:30 am or at 3:30 pm and we will start exploring less travelled destinations!Only through this incredible tour you could discover unusual places impossible to visit by yourself , together with the most famous places. We Will cross Little calli and Little bridges that are hidden in the heart of the City. I will show you artisans that work the blow-glass and sell traditional products. You will learn about legends and traditions and we will explore the area where the italian explorer Marco Polo was born and the remains of his family's house. We will stop at 12:30 pm(or 3:30 pm if you choose the afternoon option) to the amazing San Marco Square where the tour will end.You will share this relaxing and fun walk through the city with people from all over the world and make your holiday even more memorable!Your Healthy is our priority so we adopted all the measures required.Small group tours will have a maximum of 10 people included the guide so It will be possibile to keep the social distances between the guests.We also remind all guests to always equip themselves with gel sanitizing for the hands. Other things to note
Experience a real Murano glass factory
THIS EXPERIENCE WILL BE IN ENGLISH! Do you want to learn about the inner workings of a real Murano workshop? Are you tired of the endless tourist traps around Venice and Murano? Look no more! With this experience i want to show you what a real glass factory looks and feels like, understand the production process of glass from sand to a bespoke piece, and watch real Murano Glass Masters while they blow glass. What you will experience: - THE BATCH ROOM, the place where it all starts: In here sand and other chemicals are mixed to perfection to obtain that will melt into glass once charged into a 1400°C furnace. - THE HOTSHOP, where the magic happens: You will learn about the glass melting process, from chemical mix to liquid glass, how the furnaces work and an overview of all the tools we use! - THE COLDSHOP, where the glass really starts to shine! You will see all machines used to carve, drill, etch, cut, flatten, and polish glass. Are you looking for something more? Then look for our other listed activities, we are in the top Airbnb Experiences of Venice! Have a look to the reviews ;-) THINGS TO NOTE: - We ask guests to arrive 5 minutes before starting so you have enough time to check in. From Venice, depending on where you are, it might take even 50 minutes to get to Murano, so plan accordingly! - We are off on weekends! We do not organize tours on Saturdays and Sundays.
Tapas & Wines through secret Venice
** JOIN AN AIRBNB BEST-SELLER AND THE MOST RATED FOOD EXPERIENCE IN VENICE - OVER 4500 GUESTS HOSTED! ** (Private tours available also in French, Spanish and Portuguese - get in touch to get a quote for your group) BUONGIORNO from Ciao Italia Travel it! We are a small team of official Venice Guides born and raised in this beautiful place we are lucky to call home -so we pretty much know every little corner and alleyway of Venice! HIGHLIGHTS AND INCLUSIONS: -Visit 3 authentic "bacari" (traditional bars): a variety of cichetti (traditional venice tapas) & 3 wines INCLUDED! -Opportunity to take some photos of the "real" Venice; -Fun and knowledgeable local qualified guide who will share fun facts about the city; -Ask all the questions you want including local recommendations; -And most importantly, meet NEW FRIENDS from all over the world! WHAT WILL WE DO IN THIS TAPAS & WINE TOUR? After meeting with the group, we'll make our way through the hidden alleyways and over the bridges to discover the real Venice off the tourist track. We will stop at 3 different traditional bars to taste a variety of local wine and "cichetti" (similar to the Spanish Tapas). The tour vibe will be very friendly and enthusiastic, but most importantly we will make sure you will get the most out of the uniqueness of this city-island and, of course, of the food and wine culture!
The hidden canals on Electric Boat
Cruising through the Venice's canals you will enjoy its unique atmosphere comfortably on board of a full electric boat. An extraordinary experience that will allow you to relax and immerse into the Venice most hidden canals. The silent boat, sophisticated yet comfortable equipped with a full open space will let you live the true venetian experience designed to last in your memories.

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Фотографија од Grand Canal
Grand CanalПрепорачано од 39 локални жители
Фотографија од Piazza dei Signori
Piazza dei SignoriПрепорачано од 102 локални жители
Фотографија од Bridge of Sighs
Bridge of SighsПрепорачано од 124 локални жители
Фотографија од Piazza San Marco
Piazza San MarcoПрепорачано од 344 локални жители
Фотографија од Prato della Valle
Prato della ValleПрепорачано од 113 локални жители
Фотографија од Rialto Bridge
Rialto BridgeПрепорачано од 567 локални жители

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A Venetian Aperitif on the Lagoon
The first and original Aperitif on the Lagoon. You will get on my "topa" boat and you will experience a great Venetian aperitivo with a stunning view of Venice from the outer lagoon and its magic islands :) As soon as we start cruising, I'll start serving you drinks and snacks. The experience will last about 1 hour and a half and you will get to see its most iconic views (San Marco, Giudecca, Lido di Venezia and much more). At the end of this experience I will drop you off at the same spot where I picked you up. This experience is perfect for anyone: singles, couples, families and groups of friends. Other things to note Remember to go to the toilet before getting onboard!
Photoshoot In Venice
SCATTI SCATTI E ANCORA SCATTI. A Venezia tutto e magico non farti mancare uno shooting fotografico che potrai portare a casa come un bellissimo ricordo di Venezia. Dal bellissimo ponte più antico di Venezia Ponte di Rialto per poi procedere verso la meravigliosa e unica Libreria Acqua alta. Certo non può mancare Piazza San Marco il punto di attrazione di Venezia e il ponte dei sospiri , ponte del amore ma con segreti che forse non tutti conoscono. Le vostre foto in questi punti magici di Venezia vi faranno ricordare per sempre il vostro viaggio!
Glass experience, Murano, expert teacher
We will welcome our guests in the Murano studio, where many of our crafts and contemporary art works are exhibited. After a first presentation of what we do, we will illustrate to the guests the technique practiced by Andrea, the lampworking of the glass, which is carried out with a small flame and which is used to produce small glass objects. After a first demonstration made by Andrea, in which the glass rods will melt to show how small objects are produced, the guests will be guided towards the production of some simple glass elements (mainly small colored beads). The artifacts that guests will be able to produce can be brought home. Other things to note: The experience is suitable for both individuals and small groups of maximum 4 - 6 people. Experience is recommended from the age of 14. The languages in which the experience is performed are English and Italian. If there are special language requirements (French or Spanish) you should contact us before the experience to check availability. Punctuality is recommended so as not to create inconvenience to other guests.
Da Venezia alle Dolomiti
AVVISO IMPORTANTE: in caso di data non disponibile vi invito ugualmente a contattarmi per verificare la possibilità di aprirla. Non tutti, tra i milioni di turisti che ogni anno giungono a Venezia, sanno che con un breve trasferimento in auto si possono visitare le Dolomiti, le montagne più belle del mondo. Un universo di bellezze naturali, culturali, artistiche, antropologiche, sportive, gastronomiche che vi farò conoscere in cohosting con mia moglie Elena nei loro aspetti più profondi. Invito poi chi ama la storia, ed in particolare la Prima Guerra Mondiale che sulle Dolomiti ha scritto pagine memorabili, a visitare l'esperienza “Da Venezia alle Dolomiti in guerra” (https://www.airbnb.it/experiences/1120977?source=p2) e contattarmi per definire la prenotazione. Altre cose da tenere a mente Tutte le escursioni saranno programmate insieme preventivamente. Potranno essere effettuate solo in condizioni meteo favorevoli e in buona forma fisica. Si declina ogni responsabilità diretta e indiretta, civile e penale, per eventuali danni, infortuni, malori verificatisi nel corso dei tour.
Morning with locals in Dorsoduro aka caffè, histrory and art
Join me for a walk in a residential area of Dorsoduro! We'll visit a place that years ago Venetians used to call "The Bronx of Venice". We'll buy freshly baked bread in a traditional family bakery that was founded in 1946 and grab a cup of coffee in the ex-Cotton Factory that was transformed into a university complex. While we walk from one site to another I'll show you hidden gems of the district that often pass by unnoticed inspite of their symbolic power. During the tour we'll take a look at a boat yard called "squero" where the modern gondola was invented, visit a square where “Don’t look now” movie was filmed, and will see one of the most beautiful churches in Venice - The Church of Saint Sebastian that can be considered a monument to the art of Paolo Veronese. In the end we can enjoy a cup of coffee in a pastry shop