Уникатни активности во Saint Johns River

Уникатни активности во Saint Johns River

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Сите активности во близина на Saint Johns River

Learn to surf with grace & confidence-- today is the day
Surf Camp Offered all summer long! M-F 9:30-12 Get excited!!! Grab a towel and a water bottle and head to Daytona Beach Shores, where Emily will guide you on a surfing adventure starting on the sand and ending riding wave after wave all the way to the shore. Teaching surf stance, etiquette & ocean awareness from certified instructors. Board rental included! *showers, clean bathrooms, picnic tables and pavilion all on location
Surfing Daytona Beach/NSB with Coach Waters
Surf 101 and Skill Training! This is an experience that will teach you the basic fundamentals you need to know! We will learn about the water and you will be trained physically. Each class includes a warm up before we practice our surf “pop up” and board balance! I am a professional instructor who dedicates time to provide mind and body development! I want to train you to surf! This is a chance to try surfing and learn to become a surfer by the end of the class(s). Boards provided! Wetsuits can be provided/rented. Each session consist of 1-2 hour training session. You will need your own water and towel. All that is required is for the new surfers to bring a good attitude! Coach Waters will be teaching and leading through advanced instructions to develop you into a Surfer! Lets have fun and surf everyone! Local instructor/DahliaSurfSchool/DaytonaBoardStore Boardrider///
Beach Yoga
ABOUT CLASS: Through breathing and gentle beginner-appropriate yoga postures, we open ourselves up to enjoy the ocean air and the blue sky, close with a 5 minute rest. Length: 1 hour. QUESTION: What type of yoga is it? How is it different than the classes I've been to? ANSWER: More standing and balancing postures than some indoor yoga classes because we want to experience the view and breathe the ocean air deeply. That said, this class is doable and accessible for all bodies and levels of yogis. If you are unable to get up and down off the floor easily, you are welcome to use the built-in bench seating to take all postures from a seated position. Railings surrounding the space can be used for support. Our platform is 100% wheelchair accessible and there are several handicapped parking spaces within 150 yards of the site. Mats, sunscreen and limited yoga props are provided. A beach towel will work just as well as a yoga mat in this space. We do have a few mats to lend as well. Bring home a lasting souvenir experience and take a photo or two afterward. Please wear stretchy clothing that will not fall up or down during yoga practice. "Yoga specific" clothing is not necessary. Please no swimsuits. You will want to remove your shoes and socks. Face masks are welcome but not required. Class size typically allows for 6+ feet between mats. PLEASE REVIEW PARKING INSTRUCTIONS, below.
Fluid Painting at Drip Art Lounge
Come try your hand at Fluid Painting at our quaint little studio in the heart of charming Winter Park, FL. Book a private experience for up to 16 people or simply join in one of our nightly classes and make your own 16 x 20 acrylic on canvas modern abstract masterpiece. You don't need to have any artistic abilities, just choose your favorite colors and have fun! Our instructor will lead you through the process from start to finish and the results are breathtaking! (Paintings are dry and ready for pick up in 3 days but you can also have your paintings shipped to your home for nominal fee) Total activity time is approx. 1.5 hours.
Bioluminescence Clear Kayak or Paddleboard Adventure
IMPORTANT: We offer 4 times for this tour. Explore the beauty and nature of Indian River Lagoon at sunset and into the nighttime as we enjoy the bioluminescent plankton. Sunset & bioluminescence Tour: Let our friendly guides lead you on an amazing evening paddle board or kayak adventure. After a lesson on paddling, we'll head into a gorgeous sunset to Horseshoe Crab Island. We'll search for horseshoe crabs and other marine life such as dolphins and manatees as the sun sets. Our guides will take gorgeous photos of your group to share with you after the tour ends. After sunset, we'll paddle into the night and view the stars overhead and and see the plankton dinoflagellates bioluminescence illuminate below us as we paddle through the water. Bioluminescence & Stargazing: At this launch time, it is very dark and the stars shine bright against the night sky as the bioluminescence illuminates the water as we paddle through it. Our friendly guides will give instruction and set you up for the adventure. We recommend downloading a star gazing app and to view the constellations above. Our default vessel is our clear single kayak. However, we also have 2-Person Clear Kayaks which are a guest favorite. We also offer Paddle Boards on every tour. Please let us know if you would like to reserve these vessels instead.
Jet Ski Experience near Orlando Florida
Tour the beautiful Clermont Chain of Lakes! Enjoy the breathtaking views and an unforgettable experience! Experience Breakdown - PLEASE READ BELOW: - Ages 4 and up are allowed on this experience. - Ages 16 and up may operate their own jet ski with a completed boaters course. - Anyone that will be operating/driving the jet ski that was born AFTER 1987 must complete a Florida Boaters Renters Course per state law. The link to the course will be provided upon booking. - Guests only need to pay for the number of jet skis that will be needed. Please only book for the number of adults that would like their own jet ski. We do not charge for children and passengers. - We will meet our guests at the ramp at their scheduled time. (Please arrive 15 mins prior to your start time). - Upon arrival, our team will go over all safety instructions prior to starting and answer any and all questions. - All safety gear/life jackets will be provided. - All of our jet skis seat up to 2 adults or a 400lbs combined weight limit max.** - Our team will be on the water with your group at all times, taking photos and ensuring the groups safety. ** Experience is as follows ** 1 adult - 1 jet ski for 1 hr 2 adults - 2 jet skis for 1 hr 3 adults - 3 jet skis for 1 hr 4 adults - 4 jet skis for 1 hr 5 adults - 5 jet skis for 1 hr 6-10 jet skis available upon request!
Rj Sports Heaven Glow In The Dark Paintball Reg Paintball
NEW ADDITION: We are now doing GLOW IN THE DARK PAINTBALL. The time slot is 8:00pm-9:30pm. (We lower the pressure on our paintball guns, so it doesn’t hurt as much) regulations is 285, we lower our weapon between 150-190. We are the only field that does this no and that’s why we have such great reviews. Because it’s all about having fun!! I will explain the safety rules and get you familiar with the equipment you will use in the game. Then I’ll show you the field and explain the basic games you can play. Then we will make two teams and we’ll play a minimum of three games of paintball, and even more if you wish. Other things to note Reservations required,You must be 8 years old and up to play. You don’t need a group for this, we can make group from individuals like you. You can also contact me for group reservations. NEW ADDITION: We are now doing GLOW IN THE DARK PAINTBALL. The time slot is 8:00pm-9:30pm. Additional Paintball prices: $8-100 paintballs $15-200 paintballs $20- 300 paintballs
Photoshoot in historic Saint Augustine
Note: The price is per person. As we walk around the city, I will take beautiful photos of you and your loved ones by the ocean, downtown in the Plaza, and along tree-lined streets with unique doors and historic homes. I will also share history about St. Augustine and the Northeast Florida area. (I have eaten at almost every restaurant downtown, so I can recommend great places to eat and drink after the shoot!) I will send you 25 - 40 photos of you and/or your loved ones within 48 hours. It's a great way to celebrate a special event like an anniversary, a proposal or if you just want photos of your vacation! As we move into the hotter months, please bring water or something to hydrate as we walk around. Mornings and evenings are better in terms of weather and lighting. **Tips are not necessary but appreciated! **If you are bringing a dog or other pet, please add them as an "infant" when you book. It's a lower price but pets do need to be added.
Clear Kayak Through Winter Park Lakes
Be ready for a paddling excursion that will showcase Winter Park’s natural beauty from the water. We’ll guide the way through narrow Venetian style canals laced with history and lined with some of Florida’s finest flora and fauna. Plenty of birds, fish, and other wildlife will no doubt make an appearance, along with the extravagant houses that are nestled among the lakes. Other things to note - Each of our kayaks are tandem (2 seaters) -The weight capacity must be no more than 250 pounds per paddler and no more than 425 pounds when combined for both paddlers.
Discover Scuba Diving for Beginners
Have you always wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? If you want to try scuba diving, but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, Discover Scuba Diving is for you. NO Certification needed. Beginners, First Time Divers Welcome. You can try scuba close to home or while you’re on vacation at a dive destination. While not a scuba certification course, Discover Scuba Diving is a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world. To sign up for a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience, you must be at least 10 years old. No prior experience with scuba diving is necessary, but you need to be in reasonable physical health. This is an Introduction to Scuba Diving that takes about 2 hours to complete and it includes the basic instruction and a fun dive. All inclusive, No hidden fees or rental charges. Are you ready to try it out? Contact us today to start your Discover Scuba Diving Experience today!!!! Check out our review on our other experience page . Same experience, different location. Other things to note: Please bring what you would normally need for a day at the park or the beach! There is a restaurant, restrooms, and walking trails on site. **If upcoming weather conditions make it unsafe for your scuba diving experience, I will cancel the experience and you will be fully refunded. **
Sunset Paddle Board on the Intracoastal
We'll meet at Menard May Park, 413 S. Riverside Drive, Edgewater, and you'll learn the basic skills of Stand Up Paddling before we go on our water excursion. We'll give you all the information you need to safely enjoy your time on the water. We'll guide you along the waterway of the Indian River as the sun sets over the water. It is a great way to relax and enjoy nature at one of the most beautiful times of the day. You will have the opportunity to see dolphins, manatees, turtles, eagles, herons, osprey, stingrays, crabs and more on the water here. It is majestic when you see our local wildlife at this time of day. We will stop on an island along the way to provide you a break. We will bring snacks and drinks while you rest and take in the natural beauty of the sunset. We will take pictures to share so you always have the memories you created with us. Children are also welcome. Anyone age 9 and over can paddle their own vessel. Anyone 8 years and under can ride on a board with their parent or guardian. The whole family can enjoy being on the water together. When you leave this experience you will have a new skill you can use on many new adventures in the future!
Surfing with a Florida Bro for Beginners
Message before booking We will fulfill your experience on the beautiful coastline of Cocoa Beach Florida, where we will meet you with a great attitude and positive energy. We will provide you with a surfboard, full instruction, photos, videos and a great time out in the water. We will start on the sand, where we will greet each other and get to know your learning style and comfortability in the water. We will then proceed to getting you accommodated with the proper surfboard and wetsuit if you would like to wear one. We will then give you a full demo on the sand showing you how to properly catch a wave. After the demo is complete, we will then progress into the water when you have confirmed that you are comfortable. We will remain in the water for the rest of the lesson, as we will stay shallow and progress at your own comfortability. Water instruction will consist of us gently pushing you into waves as I will monitor your progress and cater to any questions that you may have. We will grab our camera and capture great quality water photos of you catching the waves. Safety is the number one emphasis of our experience, as we will go over water safety and make sure that everyone is fully alert, comfortable, and ready to have a fun time. We Look forward to meeting you.
Amazing Jet Ski Experience in Orlando Fl Guest do not pay
(TWO PEOPLE PER JET SKI) Total Time 2hrs. Once the guest arrives at the designated location, which is one of the most exclusive lake chains in the area, we will give you a short introduction where we will talk about us the area and explain details about the activities to be carried out. Then we will proceed to the training prior to the activities, which include: 1- Tour through each of the lakes that make up this chain, where you can appreciate part of the wonderful wildlife that surrounds the entire area, points of interest and some of the beautiful mansions of local and international celebrities. 2-Free activities where you can experience in first person the excitement and adrenaline that aquatic activities offer, such as the handling of a Jet Ski, be prepared to be active and have a lot of fun. 3-We will stop where you will be able to see the clear water of these lakes and Swim with confidence, take pictures and videos of each other and keep the memories forever. For us it is possible to give this extraordinary experience to our guests thanks to the wonderful climate and the variety offered by the Orlando area where they will undoubtedly return to their homes with the sweet taste of an unforgettable experience
Clear Kayak Sunset Tour In Winter Park
Be ready for a paddling excursion that will showcase Winter Park’s natural beauty from the water and lead guests up to a breathtaking sunset. We’ll guide the way through 2 Venetian style canals laced with history and lined with some of Florida’s finest flora and fauna. Plenty of birds, fish, and other wildlife will no doubt make an appearance, along with the extravagant houses that are nestled among the lakes. Other things to note - Each of our kayaks are tandem (2 seaters) -The weight capacity can NOT exceed more than 250 pounds per individual AND no more than 425 pounds combined (added together) between paddlers.
Crawl Orlando's Secret Bars and Speakeasies
We will visit the most exclusive and hidden Prohibition era styled Speakeasies/bars in Orlando. Go through a store, go through a restaurant, hidden doors, sliding walls to try Orlando's world recognized award winning mixology. No obvious bars that are noticeable from the outside. All of them are completely hidden. The BEST cocktails you can find.