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Affordable Efficiency for stays a week or longer

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Unique Large furnished Basement efficiency Apartment with pool access & private basement access.

An affordable short-term rental, for those looking to stay months, weeks or just a few days. Great rate regardless of length of stay - The best value can be found on the longer stay.

This is a unique rental and while it can be rented for just a few nights, it is best suited for the value traveler working a few weeks to a few months in the area. Its not for everyone - Please Read the details.

"The Laurel Rabbit Hole" is basement efficiency apartment. It is one of 3 rentals on this property, the Main House and a stand alone Cottage, are the other 2 properties. While the Basement Apartment is in the basement of the main house, the guests in the main house do not have access to the Basement, it has its own private entrance.

The property has a private swimming pool. Well, Private for those booked in the Basement, Cottage, or House anyways.

"The Laurel Rabbit Hole" is perfect for 1 or 2 Adults, on an extended stay with a tight budget. It is not suitable for children or those who are mobility challenged. Pets are not allowed at this rental, but are allowed at my other 2 rentals.

My Ideal booking, is:
~ 1 person or a quiet couple who book for a month or longer. Although in this scenario, I'd advise, booking a week or two to check out the place 1st and then booking an extended stay.

I only book my Laurel Properties on Listing Sites. That said my preferred site to book through is VRBO or HomeAway. They just make things easy.

Please see the detailed Rental Agreement which contains a lot of information on the property.

I've posting a few Photos of the basement as it appeared before putting furniture in it as it is not an easy area to photograph. My 1st booking getting ready to move out at end of August 2020, is a single lady, who initially stayed in my cottage and asked if I knew where she could find a more economical place to stay from the end of April through August. Its been a monthly rental for each of those months and each month she choose to extend her stay, for a total of a lil over 4 months.

This Property, the entire house, was featured the 1st year of the hit HGTV show, Hometown, as one of two properties for the buyers to choose to purchase and renovate. The buyers choose another house, but the Producer of the show was so impressed with this property, that she rented it for season.

Since then I've purchased this amazing home and for those traveling to Laurel, needing an affordable long term option, I'm offering this lil gem. Its not for everyone, so please be sure to read the Rental Agreement.

I hope to have ya as a guest at one of my 3 Laurel Vacation homes real soon!

This basement apartment is perfect for 1 (maybe 2)
The Cottage is perfect for up to 4 (maybe 5)
The Main House is perfect for up to 7 (maybe 9)

all but the basement are small dog friendly (with added charge)... and larger dogs are considered

Останати напомени
Below is the Rental Agreement.
It contains important details:

Please take a moment, before booking, to review the terms and details about the Laurel Rabbit Hole. This is an affordable alternative to other rentals, but perhaps not for everyone. Once you're comfortable with the rental terms and details about this Basement Apartment rental, please print this full document, sign or initial where applicable, scan this full document, with a copy of your driver's license, and return to the above email address. If you've any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Owner, Patricia Dalton.

REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT: Refers to the "Refundable Security/Damage Deposit" collected Prior to arrival and referred to in this document, simply as the "Deposit." This Deposit is taken as assurances for compliance with this agreement and to cover any minor damages that may be caused during the rental term. Ordinarily, it is refunded in full, but there are exceptions to this and sometimes the act of merely collecting it, assures compliance. As this is a furnished unit and this property has many amenities, It is conceivable that in a worse case scenario, the Deposit may not be large enough to cover Owner's excessive expenses due to a Guest(s) actions. If this is the case, Guest agrees to make the owner whole and pay any outstanding costs, not covered by the Deposit. Unless there is an issue, Deposits are refunded within 14 days of departure, to the address and Person listed above, by Priority Mail.

** EXTENDING YOUR STAY: While neither Guest nor Owner is obligated to extend the stay, if Guest is likely to need additional nights, by letting Owner know now, unless Guest has proven not to be a good fit for the Basement Apartment, Owner will make the Booked Guest a 1st priority over another booking. Since dates not booked, show as available on multiple booking sites and Guest is under no obligation until money has been accepted, its good to let the Owner know if planning to extend the stay. For booking purposes, please specify the furthest date out you anticipate requiring lodging. Its been frustrating in the past when booked guests have assumed, at the last moment, their lodging will be available for a few more days, only to find out, there's a same day check-in booked for their departure day.

ALL RENT IS PREPAID: Regardless if Guest plans to stay 1 week or 6 months, rent is prepaid for the expected term of rental, up to 1 month. Stays in excess of 1 month rentals will be paid monthly, 2 weeks in advance. Failing to make arrangements prepay rent, indicates Guest will depart on the agreed to departure date before 10 AM. The Owner has found, in the past, when hunting down Guest(s) to see if they wish to stay longer, as a courtesy, this often seen by Guest(s) as an opportunity to try to reduce rental amounts owed. For this reason, Owner often looks to the future, for the next booking, knowing if it is important for the Guest to stay, they will initiate, the booking and not assume it is assured. This agreement calls for both advance notice of a possible later check-out date and for a two week prepayment on another month.

While most Short-term Guest(s) or even Long-term Renter(s) will conduct themselves in a way that is standard for this industry, some will not. This is why Deposits are taken, Leases or Rental Agreements are entered into, and why both this Owner's Leases and Rental Agreements are very detailed. With the dual purpose being for both parties to be on the same page and for the Guest(s) to receive their full Deposit back. All this is mentioned, just in case the Guest(s) find this agreement to be more detailed than most. Guest(s) should not assume, because it is detailed, it in unreasonable. The Owner is actually very laid back, but like the Guest(s), has expectations. In this document, what Guest's can expect during their stay at the Laurel Rabbit Hole (The Basement Apartment) is detailed, so there will be no surprises and expectations can be met. In addition, Owner's expectation of the Guest are also detailed.

This unit is generally rented for 30 days or longer at time and this Agreement has been written with that in mind. Regardless of the Guest stay being shorter or longer, these Policies, Terms, and Conditions will apply.

This rental is for the Basement apartment located at (specific address disclosed when booked) Laurel, MS 39440. Unless otherwise specified, Guest will park on the street, ideally between the stop sign and the alley, on the south side, which boards this house's Property. That said, it is on street parking and Guests should feel free to park where they please, on the street. This Unique Property is on the corner of xxx Avenue and xxx street. Parking is not permitted on xxx Avenue within a block or more from the house, but is permitted on xxx street and borders the north side of the property.

There are two ways to gain access to the backyard, to enter the basement. Described here is one, its actually the long way from xxx Street, but easiest to explain. Once you've settled in, feel free to question the Owner or Property Manager on the other way. Guests will access the basement entrance, by walking up the alley from xxx street, past the, mailbox, concrete steps, and the 2 car garage. This is a short distance and once past the 2 car garage, the alley will steadily incline to where the concrete parking pad is located. This parking pad currently has 2 parking spaces, one is reserved for the Main house guest(s) and the other for the cottage guest(s). Which space is assigned to whom, depends on the length of their stay. A chain link fence extends from the Garage to the rear property line in front of the parking pad. Just past the chain link fence, through a chain link gate, is a concrete ramp. Guest should enter the rear yard here, through the gate and up the concrete ramp. Take care, as there are no railings on the Ramp. From the back yard, Guest will see the cottage to the left and the main house to the right. Guest should follow the concrete path to the main house's rear entrance. Taking Care as they walk around the pool. Once at the rear entrance, look to the left, where there is a short wrought iron gate, between the small back yard covered porch and concrete steps that lead down to the basement's private entrance door. The wrought iron gate is always pulled closed and secured. Anytime guest(s) open this gate, immediately close it, once through.

Guest should Head down these concrete stairs taking care to hold the railings. A weekly lawn crew does clean them, however, it may have rained several times since last cleaned when Guests may use these stairs. After a rain they can be a little slippery and a few leaves can make them a bit treacherous if caution is not used. At the bottom of these stairs, there is a sump pump and some piping. Use care on at the bottom of the stairs around these pipes. If arriving or exiting after dark, it is recommended to have the cell phone flashlight app open and ready to use.

This Basement door handle has a lock box with the key for its dead bolt inside the lock box. This code can be found on your cover email which you will receive after paid in full and at least 48 hours prior to your arrival. Door Code is changed frequently.

Once Guest have unlocked the door, they will put the key back in the lock box.

SAFETY NOTE: There is an immediate, 10.25 inch step down into the basement. A little further than most folks would expect.

Guest(s) will enter into the Utility side of the basement. To the immediate right of the Exterior Basement door, on a hook, on a small section of wall between the corner and another door, Guest(s) will find a duplicate basement entrance door key. Guests will keep this key with them through the duration of their stay. Upon the initial entrance into the basement, it should be used to lock the Basement Entrance door's dead bolt lock once inside.

The Basement has 2 sides: The Apartment Side and The Utility Side, each side has its own door in the main house's stairwell. These two sides are separated by an interior set of stairs, that is enclosed, leading to the interior of the main house. At the top of this stair case, is a dead bolted, locked door. There is no lock on the door leading from the Utility side, to this interior stair case, but there is a combination locking door leading to the apartment Guest(s) rent. Those in the main house do NOT have a key to this door. Only the Owner and her Property Manager have a key to this door, the Basement door, and the Basement Apartment.

When the main house is not rented, Property Manager and others associated with the property, will use this entrance to access the basement Utility Side. While this may not always be the case, staff will generally pull the Utility room door closed or at least partially shut, as a sign to Guests exiting the apartment, that someone else maybe on the Utility side of the Basement. This will be done, to put Guest(s) on notice that there may be someone else in the Basement Utility area.

Once in the Basement, by the Exterior Entrance / Exit, Basement Apartment Guest(s) will access their rental, by entering into the Utility area of the Basement. Near this Exterior Entrance / Exit, is the only Bathroom in the basement. This Bathroom has a toilet, standup shower, and pull string light. There is a deep sink right outside of the bathroom. While Basement Guest(s) will be the primary user of this bathroom, in rare situations, it may be also used by a workman, owner, or property manager, if both main house and cottage are booked, this is the only bathroom they would have access to. In the extremely rare case that someone takes a shower, property manager will make sure the shower stall is cleaned and launder any towels used.

Once past the Full Bathroom, Guest will pass the washer and dryer, take a right, going pass the cabinets to their left and refrigerator to their right, to the small stair case. Ascend this 3 step staircase and Guest will on the staircase landing, facing the door to their private apartment and to their right, the staircase leading to the main house.

It is worth noting this Utility area is not part of the Basement Rental. Basement Apartment Guest(s) must not get curious and explore Owner's person items in this area. Guests need to use this area, merely for entering or exiting their apartment, to use the bathroom, access the refrigerator, and occasionally to do their laundry. This is not a private area for guests, that said guests can inquiry about expected hours of privacy. This Utility area of the Basement plays a key role in helping this House and Cottage stay functioning as a multi-rental property, as well as serving a storage for Property Owner.

ON BASEMENT LIGHTING: If the lights have not been left on in the basement, there is a pull string light just as entry to the basement is made, from the exterior door. The bathroom (around the 1st left hand corner) also has a pull string light. The main light for the utility area of the basement is actually just up the small stairs on the inside of the set of stairs that goes to the main house... A little ways from the Basement Exterior entrance door. Before entering the Basement, Guests should have their cell phone flashlight ready to help illuminate their way through the Utility portion of the basement, just in case there has been a disconnect and no lights have been left on. Once Guest(s) have navigated their way to the 3 step stair case, they should climb them. Once up the stairs, directly in front is the basement apartment door. To the right is the staircase to the main house. On the right side of this walled in staircase, is the light switch for the utility portion of the basement. On the Left side of the walled staircase, outside the apartment is the light switch for the Apartment side overhead lights; there are also two lamps inside the Apartment.

IMPORTANT: The Apartment side of the basement's light switch has a dimmer on it. If you find the lights too dim, please adjust it to your liking. This dimmer control can also be accidentally touched making it appear the lights aren't working. If it looks like the lights aren't working, please adjust the tiny right side of switch dimmer control, upward.

Depending on the tasks at hand, this can vary. Its impossible to commit to a set schedule, as these terms are being written to cover dates and possible events not even conceived of, possibly months or years into the future, but as a General Rule, Staff is not expected to be in the basement utility area after 8 PM or before 10 AM; and if there will be, Guest can receive a text notice of when workers are expected to work later or arrive earlier. Guests should feel free, to ask the Property Manager her expected hours that day or the next. When the owner is town, hours may be extended, but every effort will be made NOT to disturb any Guests.

NOTE: IMMEDIATELY AFTER OPENING THE BASEMENT APARTMENT DOOR, INWARD, IS A SET OF 3 STEPS. There is a railing. Apartment has a combination door lock code. This apartment door code can be found on the email confirmation, send a day or two prior to arrival. This code is changed periodically. The Basement Apartment contains some personal items belonging to the Owner, as the apartment often doubles as her apartment when she's in town. The Basement Apartment is a large, 27 foot by 10 foot, carpeted room, with ceilings higher than 8'. The locked closet contains Owner personal items. Kitchenette has a broken antique refrigerator*, not now, but later, Owner may choose to fix. Please see list of amenities below:

Flat Screen TV TV has a Firestick with active Netflix Account, plus an antenna, Keurig Coffee Maker, Stove, Basic Kitchen supplies, Utensils, plates, skillet, pot, etc. Convertible (Double Bed) Sofa - bedding not provided, Microwave, 1 Beach Towel per booked Guest if stay is when pool is open Queen Bed & Bedding provided Kitchenette, 1 Bath towel / 1 wash cloth per booked Guest + 1 extra set, Dish Towels and dish washing sponge, 2 Lamps In winter a safe portable radiating heat heater Portable Air Conditioner for use if Guest is home, WiFi Access to Washer and Dryer (but not laundry Detergent) Starter Supplies will include:
Table & Chair, Shared Swimming Pool (Open seasonally), ~ At least 1 roll of Toilet Paper on the Roll, Some hand, Oven Mitts, Clothing rack & some hangers, Soap & Some Dish Detergent at Kitchenette Sink

*ALMOST NEW WORKING REFRIGERATOR: Guests should feel free to use the Refrigerator just inside the Utility Portion of the Basement. Guest(s) will find this Refrigerator mostly empty, except for some owner and staff food or drinks. Property manager may also keep her lunch in this refrigerator from time to time... Generally 80% of the refrigerator is empty and ready for the Apartment Guest's use.

NOT INCLUDED While some started supplies are initially provided, your Rental Rate does not include any more additional starter or other supplies. Guests should plan on purchasing or bringing their own:

Laundry Detergent, Paper Products, like toilet paper and paper towels, dish washing Detergent, K-cups for Keurig Personal toiletries, such as Shampoo, body soap, etc. Hand soaps, Food, Drinks, Spices, oils, Bedding for Convertible Sofa only Provided if 3 or more people are booked, Trash bags, Aluminum Foil, Consumable goods, such as Storage containers, condiments, ziplock bags

1. Check-in is after 4 PM / Check-out is before 10 AM
2. There may not be anyone to greet you when you arrive; although Property Manager does try to meet anyone arrive before 6 PM, this is not guaranteed.
3. NO SMOKING OF ANY KIND, this includes, but is not limited to cigarettes, vaping, weed, Candles, etc. Is permitted inside of the House, Basement, Basement Apartment, Cottage, Garage, concrete stairwell, or within 25' feet from any door on the property, despite weather conditions. Any Ashtray that is used needs to be cleaned each time it is used. As with all debris, Cigarette butts must be properly disposed of
4 This is a multi-rental property. During your stay, the main house may be rented to as many as 7 people (including children) or Just the Master Bedroom rented. The Cottage, which sleeps up to 5 people, may also be rented.
5 While owner tends to stay on the Mississippi Coast, she may be in Laurel for a day or an extended stay, sometimes bringing family or friends, depending on property availability. In addition, sometimes Coast contractors stay at the property when there is a unit available, to address property needs in the Laurel area.
6 Owner has a small long haired Chihuahua, that, while not aggressive, may bark (he's a lil fearful). He generally is not leashed.
7. Guests of the Cottage or House, properties with little or no carpeting, may have a dog or dogs. The pet policy calls for Guest dogs to be leashed when outside on the property. The only exception is when locked in the fenced dog pen, located on the North / West side of the property.
8. Basement Apartment Guest(s) will NOT bring a Pet. During stay, they will not allow any animal in the basement area, apartment or utility area. This Apartment is NOT Pet Friendly. Should Guest(s) be found to have a Pet on the premises, immediately there will be a $1500 Pet Fee owed.
9. This is a Short-term rental. Rental is Prepaid for the term being rented. Owner will accept additional rent payments to extend a stay up to One Month's advance rent at a time, two weeks prior to check-out date, if Guest wishes to extend their stay, Owner will accept up to another Month's advance rental payment. If Rental is not paid two weeks in advance, it is agreed, Guest will depart on their agreed to check-out date and Owner should find another booking.
10. Mississippi State Law requires any rental, less than 91 days, will pay sales tax for that County. For Guests planning to stay more than 90 days, sales tax will be collected. After 3 months of consecutive rent payments including the 7% Sales Tax, when Rental Payment is made for the 4th month, there will be credit for the past paid 7% Sales Tax. Subsequent months, no further sales tax will be collected. Should Guest depart and return in the future, this Sales tax obligation will begin again.
11. Initial Payments are accepted through the listing site. Regardless of whichever listing site the booking comes through initially, it is agreed, future stays will be through HomeAway or VRBO, as these sites will allow the stay to be extended and Owner can waive the sales tax. In addition, as of this documents creation, no Listing site service fees apply to bookings extended.
12. Should Owner accept direct payments, they are to be in the form of a US Postal Money Order or Cash. Any electronic payments accepted will be through PayPal, which generally charges a 3.5% processing Fee. Guest agrees to pay any associated fees in the collection of payments. Should Guest have a funded PayPal account they can elect to "Push" a payment through to the owner, under the Friends and Family Option, and PayPal will not charge a fee.
13. Owner is under no obligation to extend the terms of this stay. Owner or staff will notify Guest of violations to this agreement that need to be immediately corrected. That said, The terms in this agreement are very detailed, specifically to avoid any miscommunication. Failing to follow these terms or needing to be told to do so, could be seen as a sign that the Guest is not a good fit for this unit. As mentioned in the 1st paragraph of this document, it is not for everyone. While leaving personal possessions in the Utility portion of the Basement will be seen as an annoyance, interfering with House Guest(s) or Cottage Guest(s) enjoyment or conditions of their stay, Damaging or allowing potential damage to happen to the property, could result in immediate eviction and no refund of any unused rental proceeds.
14. NO damage will be done to the apartment, amenities, or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear for the term of the tenancy.
15. NO linens, bedding, towels or other household items will be lost or damaged.
16. NO wall art, furniture, outside furniture, electronics, etc. Will be damaged and if moved, returned to its original place.
17. All charges accrued during the stay will be paid prior to departure.
18. Should Guest be evicted by Owner, Owner's Representative, or local law enforcement, Deposit and unused Rental payments will be forfeited.
19 Deposit will be used to cover any damages, excessive cleaning (Not covered by Cleaning Fee), and violations to this agreement.
20. There will be NO lingering odors that will disturb the next guests stay or House Guest, such as strong spice smells (like Curry), deep fried fish, smoke, burnt food, etc. Normal food aroma is absolutely acceptable and expected.
21. All doors and windows are left locked.
22. MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY: Overnight Guests: ____ Visitors: _____ . Should these lines be blank, it's assumed, 1 Overnight Guest and zero Visitors.
23. Any reservation obtained under false pretense is subject to forfeiture of advance payment, Deposit, and rental money, the Guest(s) may not be permitted to check-in or could even be evicted.
24. SWIMMING POOL instruction are to followed; also, If excessive cleaning is needed because of, but not limited to: vomiting, defecating, debris, dirt, food, bubble soap, bobby pins, Small children's toys in pool filter, Chewing GUM, Scented Oils, etc. Full or part of Deposit could forfeited. Pool is generally available for use from April - October. Rent is not contingent of Pools availability and will not be reduced if its closed.
25. Noise should be kept at a customary level for a quiet neighborhood and should not disturb other Guests.
26. The Basement Apartment Guest(s) pay substantially less rent, per night, than any other rental on this property. Guest(s) of the Basement Apartment agree they will be courtesy and friendly when encountering Cottage and House Guests, but not intrusive or curious. That any encounter with Basement Apartment Guest(s) for House and Cottage Guests will always be a positive one. Should there be any issues, Basement Apartment Guest's agree to bring this to Owner or Property Manager's attention and not attempt to handle it themselves.
27. Guest will follow the directives in this document, including the "During your stay" section and "Departure Instructions."
28. As this Rental was obtained through a listing site and there will likely be a review request sent by the listing site, it is agreed, if a review is posted it will be a 5 star review. Guest is under no obligation to post a review.
29. During the term of the rental, Owner will be responsive to Guest and any issues brought to her attention.
30. Guest has been informed that the property has a Home Warranty, which cost a substantial amount of money. In the event of an appliance or system failure, a claim must be filed, service company assigned, service call made, unless a quick fix is possible, Home Warranty company approval for the repair or replacement will be needed, sometimes parts have to be ordered, requiring another service call to the house, before work can be completed. Often this turnaround is in less than a week, sometimes as quick as 48 hours. Occasionally much longer. In these events, Owner will do her best to have this impact the Guests stay as little as possible.
31. The Deposit in this document refers to the Security / Damage Deposit. A Deposit to "Hold" the property is never accepted. Once Guest has agreed to this document and made an initial payment, they've agreed to rent under these terms. If prior to arrival, multiple payments are accepted, The 1st portion of the payment will apply to towards the Rental amount. Additional money accepted will be credited towards any Options, the Cleaning Fee, Sales Tax, and finally, the Security / Damage Deposit.
32. Children are not permit in Basement as visitors or accompanying Guest(s). Guests who hope to have Children travel with them, should book either the Cottage or Entire Main House. Neither the Basement Apartment or Master Bedroom are rented to Traveler's with children.
33. In the event of a tornado warning, Guests of the Main House and Cottage may take refuge in the main basement area (not the apartment).
34. Guest(s) will hold harmless the property owner and assume all liability for not only themselves, but those staying or visiting. Renter's Liability extends to anyone they have invited to the property, traveling with them, or even other Guests that they invite into the basement area. This includes, but is not limited to, responsibility for incidents that may result in damages, injury, poor behavior, excessive cleaning, etc. Guest(s) further agrees to inform all other travelers in their group or visitors of the terms and conditions in this document.
35. Should Owner agree to accept direct payments, but not be present to accept the direct payment and other arrangements have not been made, Payments are to be mailed to: "Patricia Dalton," (address may be provided after booking is on actual rental agreement) Guest(s) agrees to confirm best address before mailing anything. Guest further agrees any payment will be sent "Priority Mail" with a tracking number.
36. The best way to reach the Owner is by texts to: (her cell #). Calls are also fine, but Owner rarely listens to voicemails. Property Manager's contact information is provided on the cover email received just days before arrival and this # should be used as a secondary contact number if not able to reach Owner.
37. Late departures that have not been pre approved in writing, will have a charge back of $2 per minute after 10 AM. "In writing" could be a Text message. Late Check-outs are not unreasonably withheld and should be requested 72 hours in advance, but are not generally granted more than 48 hours in advance. If there is a same day check-in and check-out or cleaner scheduling conflict, late check-outs can not be granted.
38. Upon arrival, Guest(s) should inspect the unit. If anything is noticed out of order or Guest(s) believes may subject them to an unfair deduction from their Deposit, immediately photograph and text owner pictures of existing issues or concerns.
39. This is a short term / temporary rental and no alternations or changes are to be made to the unit of a permanent nature, such as holes put in the wall to hang pictures.
40. Should there is excessive damages, violations, or cleaning required, above and beyond the Deposit, Guest agrees to pay these when invoiced.
41. Should there be a matter that goes before a court, Guest agrees any litigation will take place in Jones County and to pay any court costs.
42. With cause or notice, it is agreed owner or owner's representative can inspect rented premises
43. Being under the influence of anything is not permitted by Guest(s) or their visitor(s). Any illegal drug or substance abuse is forbidden.
44. Unless express permission is granted prior to booking, visitors are not permitted.
45. In the event Guest(s) have an not received approved for an additional Guest or Visitor, it is agreed, there is $30 per person, per night booked Fee, due immediately upon discovery of the someone not pre-approved.
46. To follow the directives of this document.
47. Although Owner will do everything possible to make the stay as pleasant and carefree as possible, Owner cannot control or be responsible for the weather, world wide pandemic, or any other unforeseen circumstance that may affect Guest(s) stay; Guest(s) are encouraged to purchase Travel Insurance. Many Companies offer it. An Internet Search will bring up many sites, here is just one: (blocked by airbnb)
48. It is agreed there will be no refunds for Early Departure or Cancellations once Rental payments have been prepaid, regardless of the reason. The only exception is:
49. Should the unit become uninhabitable, as determined by the owner, Guest will immediately depart and minus any associated expenses due to Guest(s) stay, receive a full refund for the unused portion of their rental payments and Deposit, within 14 days of Departure.
50. The day of check-in, Guest will text owner their estimated time of arrival, even if it will be around 4 PM. If possible, Property Manager will be there to make sure the Check-in goes smoothly and if Property Manager can't be there, Owner can walk Guest(s) through any potential hiccups in the check-in process.


1. Always keep exterior door to basement locked, regardless if they are in the basement or have left.
2. Never block the Alley.
3. If granted permission to park somewhere else besides on 16th street, such as in front of the garage, Guest(s) won't park so close to the garage door as to block entry to the garage. If Parking on the Parking pad, park where assigned, next to the pool pump or next to the ramp, and leave plenty of room for another vehicle.
4. Not wash their personal items with Apartment bedding, towels, etc.
5. Use their own Laundry Detergent to wash items. If basement washer and dryer is not available (or out of Order), when they wish to use it, there is a coin operated washer and dryer in garage, used by House and Cottage Guests that can be used at Guest(s) expense. Regardless if using the Garage coin operated washer and dryer or the Basement washer and dryer, Guest(s) will immediately remove their property after the cycle is over and not leave person items in either location.
6. Not make loud or disruptive noises or listen to an electronic device so loud as to disturb House or Cottage guests.
7. Not explore the Utility Side of the Basement. This is not part of Guest(s) rental.
8. Not eat staff's food or drinks; Staff will not eat or drink Guest(s) food or drinks either
9. Routinely remove Trash and dispose of food they don't plan to consume. Trash needs to be put in the trash cans by the garage or by the Street, filling one can, before using the next one. Guest(s) agrees not to dispose of household trash in other cans, such as the trash can by the pool, the parking pad, or in the Utility portion of the Basement. City Trash pick up can be as early as 5 AM, Monday.
10. Leave their personal hygiene products and grooming tools uses on a daily basis in the Bathroom and / or the counter top just outside the bathroom. If not provided, Guest should request Property Manager to provide a towel to cover items on counter top.
11. Not leave any other items, outside of what is described above, in the Utility portion of the basement. Including their laundry.
12. Be provided, depending on season, a Portable heater or AC unit. AC unit will routinely need to have its water tray emptied; Guest agrees to do this task, to prevent water from leaking out and damaging the floor. The Basement is climate controlled on the main level of the house. Because it is a true basement, it tends to be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, than a house would be. In addition, the main house's AC and Heater also vent into the basement, making it very comfortable, when the main house is occupied. It is agreed, Guest(s) will not use either appliance, unless they are physically in the Apartment and will never leave either appliance unattended when on. Guest(s) agrees to physically unplug these devices when not in use.
13. Not use the concrete stairs, next to the mail box off the alley. There is no railing, poor lighting, and the stairs have an awkward rise and fall, making them hazardous. The Gate at the top of the stairs is also almost always locked to discourage their use.
14. Not to use, tamper with, or disturb Owner's personal property in the Utility Portion of the Basement. In addition while most of the Owners personal items have been removed or locked up in the basement apartment, there is one clothing rake with her clothing that has been covered with blankets. Guest(s) agree to leave these items as they are.
15. Report any issues, such as a leaking faucet, issues with appliances, maintenance and other issues.
16. Turn off the water to the Basement Antique toilet, at the value under its tank, should it starting running or be running when Guest Arrives. This toilet is often between fixes. If it running during stay, Guest agrees to shut off water to toilet at the valve near the base of the toilet after each use and immediately report the toilet is running.
17. Keep apartment locked during their tenancy, especially any time Guest(s) leave the property. Guest(s) have a fiduciary responsibility to protect this property during their stay. Maintaining simply security precautions such as locking doors, is a must.
18. Keep all gates closed. All Chain link fence gates and Especially the Wrought iron gate, at top of exterior concrete stairs, closed at all times.
19. Prior to leaving the pool area, remove all their personal possessions. Not leave any items at the pool or other locations outside their rental, including towels. If pool floats were used, return them to their proper place. If an umbrella was opened, lower it before leaving pool area. If its windy, do not open the umbrella or if open, immediately close it. It takes only a moment for a gust of wind to damage the umbrella.
20. Not flush anything, sides toilet paper, down the toilet. The sewage pipes are from the 1940's. Guest(s) agree not to flush, Kleenex, soap, wipes (even wipes that suggest they are flushable), feminine products, paper towels, a bar of soap, etc.
21. Photograph, with their cell phone, the location of items Guest(s) move, so these items can easily be returned to their original place, before departure. This includes and is not limited to kitchen items.


1. Remove all trash from the Basement Apartment. Once departed, cleaner's only task regarding trash will be to put a new liner in the trash can(s).
2. Discard any and all food items Guest has brought into the Basement area. The only exception: unopened food, spices, and coffee.
3. Remove any and all personal items from the Basement area.
4. That once departed, everything that they've brought into the unit will have been removed.
5. Thoroughly hand washed, dried and put away (where they originally were) all kitchen or other items used during the stay
6. Return the stovetop and oven to its pre-guest arrival state. Which is very clean and splatter free.
7. Return the Microwave and Refrigerator to its pre-guest arrival state, no splatters or spills. Which is very clean and splatter free.
8. Wash and dry all towels used during the stay. Cleaner will launder towel(s) used the morning of departure.
9. Leave the bed unmade.
10. Check under bed, in the bathroom, in the shower stall, and all areas for personal items and remove them from the property.
11. Check washer and dryer for personal items.
12. Place the TV remote and any other remotes, on the Table in front of the TV.
13. Make sure nothing is running or on, such as the stove, a faucet, TV, etc.
14. Unplug any item that was unplugged when Guest arrived and later plugged in.
15. Return all items moved during the stay, to their pre-stay spot.
16. Report any damages during their stay, including but not limited to a glass breaking, stain on bedding, carpet damage, etc.
17. Report anything that Owner should be aware of, such a leaking faucet, roof leak, appliance issues, etc.
18. Return the basement exterior dead bolt door key, used during your stay, to its hook, just on the inside of the basement.
19. Use the Basement Door Lock Box Key to secure the back door and then return this key to the Lock Box.
20. Text Owner you've departed and give any necessary information.

Regardless if the stay is long or short, guests are expected to keep this Basement Apartment up during their stay. Excessive cleaning will be at $35/hour. Guest(s) agrees if their Deposit doesn't cover this, they will pay any additional amount owed. It is understood Guest(s) will leave the apartment so only the following needs to done before the next guest arrives:
- Light dusting
- Floor vacuumed
- The bedding laundered
- 2 sets of towels laundered
- Bathroom Cleaned
- Trash liner put in Can(s)

If Additional Terms, they are Noted Here:
I, the Guest, know the owner cannot be held responsible for: The failing of any other company due to said company's error or service interruption (i.e. electricity, water, gas, WiFi, etc.); and actions of neighbors/city such as: Construction, road repair, and maintenance or act of God (weather). Owner agrees to do all that is humanly possible to remedy any issue as quickly as possible. Owner reserve the right to enter property to make repairs, alterations and improvements. I further understand due to the low rental rate of this rental, should a key amenity not be in working order, owner not offset the rent.
- - - -
Traveler will agree to the above
Unique Large furnished Basement efficiency Apartment with pool access & private basement access.

An affordable short-term rental, for those looking to stay months, weeks or just a few days. Great rate regardless of length of stay - The best value can be found on the longer stay.

This is a unique rental and while it can be rented for just a few nights, it is best suited for the value travele…
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In 1986, at the age of 24, I purchased my 1st rental, in the New Orleans metropolitan area. Now in my 50's, I own rental property from the New Orleans area to the Gulf Coast and in both Jones and Wayne Counties, in and around the Laurel, Mississippi area. In 2011, I entered the Vacation (Short-term) Rental Market, with one of the largest vacation rentals in the Country, sleeping up to 27 people, in Gulfport, MS. "The Great Escape River House" was my 1st, but quickly followed by "The River Lookout" sleeping up to 16 people, combined sleep up to 43 people, both with pools, hot tubs, pool tables, right on the Biloxi River, within walking distance of each other. All the while, this has been somewhat of a side gig, while running and operating Retail stores as well as working in Franchise Sales, with an International Corporation, and Training new Franchisees, between 1989 and 2016. It is this background, of having seen it all, been there, done that, which has resulted a unique attention to details. In 2017, after over a decade of visiting the area, I purchased my last short-term rental, in Laurel Mississippi. I've friends and work that brings to Laurel, MS quite often. With my time split between Louisiana, the Gulf Coast and this amazing Laurel Property. When I'm not on site, In my absence, my Property Manager, a several generation Jones County resident, is always available and knows the property as well, if not better, than I do.
In 1986, at the age of 24, I purchased my 1st rental, in the New Orleans metropolitan area. Now in my 50's, I own rental property from the New Orleans area to the Gulf Coast and in…
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