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Desert Adventure
Come with me discover the Wadi Rum desert! My unique experience will introduce you to the most scenic places of the desert and to the traditional way of life of my tribe, the Al zalabieh. During a whole day, I will make you discover the sand dunes of the white, red and black deserts, the mysterious Nabatean inscriptions and the iconic shooting locations of Star Wars or Dune. I will lead you to these locations by camel and by foot. In the morning we will start at Lawrence Spring, with its water source in the middle of the cliffs. I will then show you the white, red and black deserts. You can do sandboard there! In the afternoon, we will go to the heart of the desert to see the Nabatean ruins. We will end the day by enjoying the sunset from the top of the Jabal al-ash Mountain. During the entire day, I will be more than happy to introduce you to the traditional Bedouin culture through its cuisine, traditions and music. Traditional tea, water and breakfast are included.
Warm up for a hidden jem Valley and water trail
Join me for a water trail inside a valley that considered as hidden jems in Jordan, you won't believe actually that this is in Jordan. The water trail has a lot of waterfall that come from the side of the valley, it's almost 3 hours trail back and forth. We will start walking for around 1.5 hour inside the valley and after that we will light-up our fire and cook a traditional dish call Sajjyeh and some Hummus. Have some fun-talks and then going back home.
Explore Wadi Rum desert from the comfort of a Jeep
Explore all the best spots of Wadi Rum Red desert on a jeep tour. I will come pick you up at your camp site (or at the rest house in the village) and take you to the most unique spots of Wadi Rum: -Lawrence's spring, where you'll have time to climb up and enjoy the view; -Red sand dune; -Mushroom rock, where you'll likely spot wild camels, -Lawrence of Arabia’s house; -Big sand dune, where you can try your hand at sandboarding. -Khazali canyon (Anfasheih ancient inscriptions, illustrating over 12000 years of occupation in the region) Then I will cook a traditional lunch over the fire and we can enjoy a nice cup of tea. If you'd like to smoke shisha, let us know ;-) In the afternoon: -Abu Khashaba canyon; -Burdah rock bridge; -Um Footh rock bridge, where you will have time to do some scrambling and enjoy the panoramic views. We will then take you to the best spot to watch the sunset and then back to your camp. On your tour, you'll have the opportunity to take gorgeous pictures! The price includes lunch, water and tea. Do not hesitate to contact us for more dates. Click on my profile Pic to see our other experiences and our accomodation options.
Full-Day Jeep Safari Wadi Rum Highlights
Ready for Adventure?? Experience the many Highlights of the Wadi Rum Protected Area in a 4x4 jeep as we climb the dunes and cruise the red-sand sea. Come with us on an 8-hour adventure in the most beautiful desert landscape in the world. Strap on a board and try Sand-Boarding the red dunes of Wadi Rum - a once in a lifetime experience! Want to learn to ride the Camel?? We will start at the Wadi Rum Rest House in the Wadi Rum Village located about 7km from the Visitor Center entrance where your Professional, English-Speaking, Native-Bedouin Guide will meet you. During this 8-hour jeep tour, we will explore all the most popular sites and a few secret ones, take breathtaking photos, share Bedouin tea and a picnic lunch and watch the famous Wadi Rum sunset over the mountains. We also offer half day and 2 hour tours. See pricing below. Prices full day tour 1 person: 90 JD / person 2 persons: 50 JD / person 3-4 persons: 40 JD / person 5-6 persons: 30 JD / person Prices half day tour 1 person: 70 JD / person 2 persons: 40 JD / person 3-4 persons: 30 JD / person 5-6 persons: 25 JD / person Prices 2 hour tour 1 person: 40 JD / person 2 persons: 25 JD / person 3-4 persons: 20 JD / person 5-6 persons: 15 JD / person
Discover the local Jordanian food with the Anas family
Enjoy cooking with the Jordanian family, and we will teach you Jordanian cooking and how to prepare the most famous Jordanian dishes. You will be part of a Jordanian family for one day, and you will join us in a unique experience. You will start drinking Arabic coffee in traditional dress, cooking with the family according to your choice, and then we will prepare the food table and eat with each other, and then we will take dessert and tea within family environment
Boating in red sea
Welcome on the board of Mazzeka boat. Our experience starts from Ayla marine cruising in the sparkling clear water of the red sea, watching the coast of Aqaba get smaller and smaller as you sail away, with the breath taking view of the entirety of Aqaba city. The trip starts with us relaxing on board, then after an hour we dive into the crystal clear water, to snorkel where our resident captain knows all of the best spots to explore the red sea, and witness the beauty of the natural environment of Jordan, seeing the corals and fish of the deep red sea. Then after the life altering experience, we will take an hour break of winding down from the exhausting snorkeling, and watching the out of this world sunset, watching sun descend to the horizon and disappear into the ocean, munch down on the provided sea food. And of course, the boat has its own built in sound system, but we will not provide you with swim wear, and towels, with our deepest apologies, but it is due to safety concerns, but we compensate with providing our customers with soft drinks and of course will be introduced . Hope you enjoy this trip, we truly wish you visit and experience this joyful ride.
Float in the White beach of the Dead Sea
Join me on this one-of-a-kind adventure to the White Beach 'Salt-beach' of the Earth's lowest point. Starting from Amman, we will head directly to the Dead Sea. Taking some incredible pictures is a must, and then We'll go floating-swimming, and just relaxing in the water while reading a book. Have you heard about the Dead Sea mud? They say it can bring your skin back to life if you're 6-years-old, so let's have a mud-bath. Finally, before heading home, we watched the spectacular sunset reflecting on the white-crystal salt. And then, it's dinner time at the one of the oldest restaurants in Amman, with best local food.
We will begin our tour at one of Amman's oldest district (Abdali), heading towards the main court of Amman (Palace of Justice) where we will share a little bit of Amman's history and judicial system. Then we will visit a mosque and a church which are located at the same street talking about the diversity in Jordan and sharing the habits and traditions of its citizens. As we continue walking, we will visit the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts which is a cultural, non-governmental, non-profit organisation, founded in Amman, Jordan, in 1979. Its goal is to encourage cultural diversity, disseminate artistic knowledge and promote art from the Islamic and Developing worlds. In 1980 it established the contemporary museum collection of artworks from the Developing World. We will then visit a local jam shop which is a dynamic lifestyle brand from Jordan. Makers of artisan jams, botanical teas and raw honey. they design food experiences inspired by the landscape and my tourists get to buy and taste some of their remarkable jams. The tour will end at Downtown Amman, which we will get to buy going down very unique stairs with graffiti drawings on every wall. We will have lunch at the very famous Falafel restaurant and end it up with the delicious sweet Knafeh. Other things to note It is a walking tour so make sure you come with comfortable shoes!
One day hike Wadi al hasaTrial
You will live one of the most beautiful adventure experiences hike in Jordan when you take this tour with a local guide through Wadi Al-Hasa, located in the southern part of Jordan village gawr as safi between the governorates of Karak and Tafileh. • you will start Walking through Wadi Al-Hasa, a total length of about 10 km around 4 hour enjoing the wadi and see the lush hanging gardens, incredible rock formations and natural pools and during this tour you Taking souvenir photos ,Drinking local tea ,Meeting new
Cook a Traditional Dish with Shereen
Meet your local chef and become her Sous Chef for the day! Learn the recipe of the local dish you'll be making & write it down to take home to cook for friends & family. Prepare the meal & enjoy together. Other things to note Bring your camera to take memorable photos or to document the recipe. Let Shereen know if you're a vegan or vegetarian (she's a very good vegan chef actually)!
Scuba Diving for Beginners
Try Scuba Diving programme is a short try-diving experience for adults and children aged 10 years and older. This introduces you to the basics of diving but doesn’t certify you as a diver. The ‘TRY DIVE’ is usually a 2 hours activity, so it’s a great option if you’ve been thinking about trying SCUBA for a while but don’t have much time while you’re on holiday. It’s also perfect for building up confidence in the water before jumping straight into a full course.
Scramble up Burdah rock bridge
I'll come pick you up at your camp and take you to Jabal Burdah. From there, we will start the ascent to get to the famous Burdah rock bridge. The hike takes about 2.5 hours (up and down). Once we come down, I'll cook lunch for you on the fire. After lunch, we will do a jeep tour to explore the beauty of Wadi Rum. I'll take you to: - Khazali canyon where you can see ancient petroglyphs, - Lawrence of Arabia's old house, from which you can scramble up. -The rock bridge, - The red sand dune, where you can try out sandboarding. The view from the top is one of my favourite. -Lawrence's spring For the ones who like to enjoy the peace of the desert while visiting canyons and seeing the wierdest rock formations, we can go to the wild desert, near the Saudi border. In this untouched part of the desert, you will be likely to spot wild camels and meet nomads. I'll then take you to the best spot to watch the sunset. Do not hesitate to contact us for more dates. And if you have any special request, let me know! Making your desert adventure unforgettable is my job! Click on my profile Pic to see our other experiences and our accomodation options.
Aqaba Walking & Food Tour -All Inclusive
Welcome to Aqaba:) Hope so far you are having great time! Our walk tour should start in front of Macdonals Aqaba gate (the center of Aqaba). With me as local, you will discover in the most entertaining way, Aqaba, its modern history, and culture, as well as some curiosities and facts about local and religion. We will explore together the story of the city and give you an introduction to Jordan and Aqaba! then we go beside the beach side to enjoy the last min of the sunset . after that the tour begin with passing the oldest vegetables-food market and taste some of the local tea with different typical Jordanian food and satisfy your sweet-tooth with local cookies . we will continue through the old market (Al-souk) by walk and talk and taste some local foods ,Jordanian fries, Arabic oil perfume . don't forget to make your belly starve before the tour.
Learn my old family Jordanian dishes
You will learn how to cook comfort Jordanian dishes from my Grandma’s recipes but with an international modern twist that is very easy to duplicate back home. Examples are (Jordanian Bedouin Sajieh with Pesto or Freekeh risotto). Itinerary: The experience will last for 3 hours per the following: 1) Guest welcome (Jordanian style), with Arabic coffee and dates, while talking about the Jordanian culture and providing few tips about Amman city. 2) Each guest up to six will be assigned her / his tools and have a hands-on cooking lesson. 3) We will cook then eat a Jordanian tray that includes two starters and two main dishes. 4) Vegan and vegetarian dishes are available and can be customized per request. 5) Soft drinks are provided; guests are free to bring their favorite beverages. The cooking lesson will take place in my recently renovated kitchen especially customized to host the cooking experience, I will also explain /talk and provide samples of my grandma’s secret spice recipe, a spice mix that is flavor base for most Jordanian dishes and provide a unique flavor that is not easy to replicate. Other things to note This Experience complies with the Airbnb's Guidelines for Safe Food Handling
Painting Mandalas on Fabric Workshop
We start with a quick meditation to open up our creative cells, introducing the Art of Mandala and it's concept. Then, We give an introduction of painting with Fabric colors on a patch. After that, we start to do some sketches of Mandalas on paper to apply it after all on the cloth that the attendees bring to draw on it.