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Up Close with Camels
Meet the Camels experience. Get up close with three different camels to learn about their individual personalities as well as learn about the whole species. Experience includes petting, brushing and walking as well as simple commands, all in a safe and private environment.
Goat Farm Visit
We will relax and pet goats in the grass or barn This is a small herd of friendly milk goats. My son and I have raised these goats since they were babies, so they are very friendly and calm! All of the activity will be on my farm near the barn area. The amount of walking or exploring is group dependent. Goats love to eat! They will also impress us with their climbing and curiosity. Many times of year we have baby goats--"kids" that are fun to pet. My son Adam will also be hosting some of the walks.
Hike Backcountry in a Remote Montana Canyon
A hike for nature-lovers, the adventurous at heart wanting complete privacy and going off the beaten path. Spend the day, evening, or night** exploring a canyon within the Mission Mountains closed-off to motorised vehicles for over 40-years. Accessible only via our private road and game trails this remote hike is a taste of rugged adventure surrounded by unique magical views. Truly remote and located in an area of Twin Lakes, you’ll peacefully enjoy sounds of nature while learning about wildlife safety, native plants, scat identification, territorial markings, and area history. Bear sightings are a strong possibility due to the hike being in a protected ancient grizzly corridor. You’ll start in our old-growth forested private property with a pond fed by year-round snowmelt attracting deer, elk, bears, bobcats, mountain lions, turtles, etc. Hikes go deep in the Canyon, following a creek then, coming out on top to spectacular views of the Mission Mountain Range taking between 2-4hours and generally 3-5miles. Expect bushwhacking, climbing over downed trees, steep grades on the inclines and declines. Elevation minimum is 3,800 feet while the max is 4,400 feet. This hike is considered light to moderate, experience dependent. Want different hike? Just contact us. **Night hike: for people wanting sureshot wildlife, stars, Milkyway &headlamps (i.e., á la Indiana Jones).
Come try weaving yourself something useful or warm
Come weave a beautiful scarf or dish towel all on your own! We have small looms and large looms warped and ready for you to try weaving something for yourself or as a gift for a friend. The project and colors will vary from time to time but in about four hours you can have a project completed. You can make a simple scarf on a rigid heddle loom or an exquisite chenille scarf on a floor loom. We also have cotton dish towels you could try as well. Tea and cookies at 11 o’clock are provided every time! We will then cut it off the loom and mail it to you washed and ready to go. We would love to accommodate any special requests also. If you’re looking for a full class on how to set up a loom or any other information you can visit our website at heritagehandcrafts.net or give us a call and we would be happy to assist. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Discover Pickleball in Boise as a Local
I am interested in sharing what I love about pickleball, the fastest growing sport in the U.S. It's very popular in Boise and there is a strong interest especially for new players. Through my past experience in teaching over 3 years, I have witnessed the enjoyment, mental and physical health benefits the game offers. Pickleball was called the perfect pandemic sport because of the social connections it created during Covid. This, along with vitamin D, being outdoors, group fitness, and naturally social distanced, the sport has changed many lives. People of all ages and abilities play immediately as it offers a short learning curve. It's also inexpensive and a perfect way to meet other like minded people, especially while traveling. I have enjoyed playing this sport in other countries as well during my travels and have met so many nice people.
Guided Hike and Relaxing Backcountry Float
*Transportation is not included in this experience* Embark on a 6 mile, +1000 ft elevation gain adventurous day hike to an alpine lake with an expert guide in the Bitterroot National Forest. Along the way, we'll identify various trees, plants, and wildflowers, and look for wildlife! Once we reach the lake, relax and take in the views as you paddle around in packrafts while your guide prepares lunch, tea, and coffee. Learn how to leave no trace in the backcountry while you enjoy a backpacking-style lunch made by Backpacker's Pantry and other recommended brands. Start your day by meeting at a lower trailhead and caravaning to the main trailhead. Once there, the guide will show you how to pack your backpacks and conduct a safety review of the hike. The trail then takes you up a massive granite canyon lined by a clearwater creek leading to the quaint alpine lake. Other hikes available upon request - 8 mi, 900 ft of elevation gain, 8 mi 2200 ft of elevation gain. Hikes include sections of steep uphill hiking, climbing over obstacles like trees and crossing creeks. Trekking Poles are provided. - Includes Lunch, Snacks, Tea, Coffee - Guide carries first aid, GPS, water filtration. - Packraft setup for each Adult. Guide carries two packraft setups. - Backpacks, Hiking Poles, Bear Spray provided.
Sunset hike overlooking Coeur d'Alene
Join me for the best sunset view in the area overlooking the city and lake Coeur d’Alene. I will meet you at a park near the trailhead 1 hour before sunset. It is a 10 minute drive from downtown Coeur d’Alene. Hikers will each be given a headlamp for the return hike through the dark. We will follow a series of unmarked trails through a pine forest, learning about the local flora and fauna. Guests will see examples of the conservation efforts used to protect this beautiful natural area. We will climb the steep mountainside to reach our viewpoint just as the magic moment of sunset falls below the distant mountains. We will snap Instagram worthy pictures, as the city lights begin to flicker and the stars reveal themselves.
Yoga at Edwards Greenhouse!
When you arrive to Edwards Greenhouse you will be directed to the yoga area. In the Spring/Summer season classes are held in The Legacy Garden on the northside of the greenhouse. In the Fall/Winter we are located within the greenhouse. You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat or a yoga mat can be provided. Your yoga class begins with a 10 minute meditation to bring you into the body and into the space. You will follow with a 45 minute physical asana (poses) class. ALL CLASSES are beginner friendly. The class will end with a 20-25 minute color meditation. The intent for my yoga classes is to create more Awareness of the Mind Body Spirit! It is to connect with the Energy that you are outside of your physical body! My teachings include movement of the body through balancing poses, stretching positions & QiGong movements. Classes also include a deep meditation to open up the 7 major Chakra energy centers of the body. We are Raising our Vibrations to match that of the Earths Vibration! As Above So Below As Within So Without!
Pottery lessons and studio time
* Guarantee Learning to throw pottery on the wheel is a huge first experience for most people who have a desire to see if they have the ‘ceramic gene.’ It’s something in your blood. You see someone throw a bowl on the wheel or have a friend who hand-builds funny birds for a living and you just can’t shake the desire to see what YOU can create with your own hands with clay. Then you’ll get started on your ‘pottery experience’ by learning the proper steps required to throw any type of pot on a pottery wheel. You'll learn the following: • Exploring clay: what makes it do the things that it does. • Wedging: what it is, why it’s necessary and when it’s not. • How the pottery wheel works. • How to prepare your clay for the wheel. • How to prepare your body for working on the wheel, including proper posture. • How to center clay on the wheel. • Compression: what happens if you don’t. • Opening the center of the piece. • Raising the sides while creating the walls of your piece. • Shaping your piece. • Maintaining and restoring integrity to your thrown piece. Note: Come for the experience, not to walk away with pottery. * 100%, Unconditional 5 star experience. If you're not satisfied, you may contact us with feedback and we will refund up to 100% of your payment. We'll ask you what you think is fair and that will be your refund. Stay and play as long as you like.
Yellowstone National Park Self Driving Audio Tour
Experience the raw power and beauty of nature at Yellowstone National Park. This enormous volcanic caldera has captured the American imagination for decades thanks to its explosive geysers, prismatic hot springs, and astonishing waterfalls. Home to some of the only wild bison and wolves on the continent, this park can’t be missed. This 276 mile-long tour covers the essentials of Yellowstone National Park in 5-6 hours. READ BEFORE BOOKING Purchase only one tour per car. Everyone listens at the same time! Pick any day, time, or group type — it doesn’t matter. You’ll take the tour any way that works for you, regardless of the slot you choose. The duration is entirely up to you. It could take an hour or the whole day. This is NOT an entrance ticket. This is perfect for both holiday travelers and team-building groups. HOW IT WORKS On booking, you’ll get instructions to download my tour guide app. Enter your Airbnb Booking Confirmation Code as the password (enabled within 10min). Complete all steps right away. Don’t wait until you’re onsite (no internet). When onsite, use your GPS to go to the start. Launch the tour. As you follow the tour route, my audio stories will play automatically. It’s as if I’m in the passenger seat!
Floating Big Springs River Experience
We will meet you at the boat dock with our kayaks and help you launch onto the kayak. Then we will float down the river enjoying the beautiful views. We will give you your own space ahead of us but close enough if you need assistance. At the end we will pick you up and take you back to the boat launch area to pick up your car(s). Other things to note The river is very shallow through most of the float. The river ranges in depths of zero to eight feet deep. You may have to pull your boat for a second if you hit a high spot.
Tubbs Hill Photo Sessions in CDA
I would love to provide guests the opportunity to enjoy a fun portrait session while they visit the beautiful areas of Coeur d'Alene. Here is how your amazing photography session would look. (This is a great time to get your fall and holiday photos taken care of! ) Don't miss this fun opportunity! I would provide you with, - 45min to 1 hour portrait session - 20 to 30 beautifully edited images - Personal online viewing gallery for 3 months - Direct digital download PIN to your session gallery - All rights to your images I use all professional Canon gear to provide you top quality images in a fine art style that is unique to this area. I focus on creating a romantic, elegant, and airy images all while keeping it natural and fun. This experience is available for families, proposals​, recently engaged, maternity, or just looking to have some beautiful memories captured during your trip! Other things to note - This will be a fun experience and a great way to see a beautiful area of Coeur d'Alene! I will keep it very natural and fun so you can enjoy the best photo session you've ever had! - We'll be on a trail with chance of others needing to cross our paths. - Feel free to bring an extra pair of walking shoes if you need to. It's an easy walk with few incline and can easily change to nice shoes once we make it to our spots.
Private mountain bike outing
A 2 hour guided mountain bike experience around Big Sky! We can pedal the local trails or I can show you around Big Sky Resort Downhill Park! All experience levels are welcome. Please include your level of knowledge or mtb background and what type of mountain bike experience you are looking for in notes when booking. :)
Outdoor Rock Climbing
Have you ever wanted to try rock climbing in the outdoors as a fun trip adventure?! Well Outdoor Grip will take you climbing and help you to see the beauties that surround Coeur d'Alene and Post Falls Idaho! Outdoor Grip provides the gear and licensed professional guides for you to have confidence and melt your worries or fears away. We bring you to a place where smiles and wonders are an every day thing. You'll learn everything from simple rock climbing basics, to professional, technical climbing skills that you can show off to your friends later on. Now, sign up, get ready for some high energy fun and don't forget to invite your friends!
Bird Watching in the Woods, River and Grassland
Guests will be bird watching with a Master Naturalist and Certified Interpretive Guide at a local birding hotspot that includes the Bitterroot River, ponderosa pine forest and grassland habitats. An enormous variety of birds can be seen year-round including bald eagles and hawks, songbirds, owls and waterfowl, to name just a few. We will spend our time strolling approximately 1.5 miles on an easy flat trail (handicapped accessible) using binoculars and a spotting scope looking for birds and enjoying the serenity of nature. If guests would like, they can also learn about native vegetation including wildflowers, shrubs and trees as well as mammals that inhabit the area.