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Правни услови

Еднократно најавување на Airbnb за деловни корисници: Правила и услови за фирми

These terms supplement the Airbnb for Work Terms or your Business Travel Program Agreement with Airbnb to enable your company to add a Single Sign On (SSO) integration, which will allow your company to have easy, secure control over who within your company has access to your Airbnb for Work program. An SSO integration will ensure only those individuals within your company provisioned with access (“personnel”) will be able to access your Airbnb for Work program.

If your company decides to add a SSO integration, the following terms will apply:

  • Your administrator will be responsible for setting up SSO on your company’s Airbnb for Work Dashboard and within your company’s identity provider’s (e.g., OneLogin, Okta, etc.) application.
  • All provisioned personnel will be required to authenticate with SSO to access Airbnb for Work features for any work trip.
  • Your administrator will set session length, which governs the number of times personnel must authenticate to access Airbnb for Work features.
  • Your administrator has the ability to also set up SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management), which can automatically provision and deprovision personnel from your Airbnb for Work program. For example, if an employee is deprovisioned in your identity provider because they have left the company, the employee will be removed from your Airbnb for Work Dashboard automatically.
  • Once SCIM is configured, your company will not be able to remove or edit personnel from your Airbnb for Work Dashboard.
  • SSO sessions will be tracked by Airbnb for educational and product development purposes.
  • Personnel who are deprovisioned by SCIM but had their work trips paid for by your company (via a company payment method) will have those trips automatically cancelled and refunded, according to the host’s cancellation policy, minus applicable fees.
  • If personnel are deprovisioned, any work trips paid for by personnel will be converted to a personal trip.
  • Airbnb will not be responsible for account takeovers or any other fraudulent activity that may result in unauthorized access to personnel’s personal Airbnb accounts as made available through SSO.

Airbnb may modify these terms and conditions at any time and it is your responsibility to review these terms regularly. Any terms between you and your identity and access management provider are separate from these terms.

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