Одете напред за да пристапите до предложените резултати

    Е-пошти од AirbnbLove и &Open

    Sometimes we share a little AirbnbLove with Hosts and guests in the form of a unique, custom-designed gift—a little something to thank you or celebrate a special moment.   

    You may get an email from &Open, our partners in delight, asking for your address or the best time to receive your gift. We want to make sure you get your special treat.   

    The only time &Open will ask for your card details is when we’re sending you a cash gift. Cash gifts are sent by &Open through a payment service Hyperwallet, a subsidiary of PayPal. All cash gifts should be received on your card or in your bank account within 1–2 working days of being sent.

    Ја добивте помошта што ви беше потребна?